Transfer Deadline Day Update Martins Signs

We can confirm the great news that Obafemi Martins has signed for Blues on a six-month international loan.

Full details on

Welcome to the club Obafemi.

According to sources, there will be no more players coming into the club this window, and hopefully – none leaving!

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9 Comments on Transfer Deadline Day Update Martins Signs

  1. Yep,

    Confirmed by tatts no one is leaving. Great news.

    We’ve made some good signings in this transfer window. Credit to Eck and the Board for this.

    Let’s kick on now starting on Wednesday.

  2. Indeed John. We’ve added cover for Dann, a player who can make things happen in Bentley and a new forward who has both pace and knows where the goal is!

    I’m happy.

  3. I agree, some may moan about this board but they have given the manager £30m so far, plus with deals such as todays and bentley’ loan credit must be given, were also in a cup final and still in the f.a cup. Keep the 442 up and were stay up, serious changes up front in the summer and hopefully were cement ourselves in the division, you never know we could beat arsenal in the cup (unlikely i admit) and find ourselves in europe you just never know, admittedly the football in terms of entertainment is abysmal most weeks but look just how far our club has come, it wasn’t so long ago that we almost went bust and brentford were our main rivals lol kro all and sotv

  4. Absolutely Northfield.

    The previous board, talked about targets all the time and rarely got them. This board have publically talked about NO ONE and they have bought players in for the manager.

    Sometimes people have short memories.

  5. Thank God for that! I hope that all the stories about Seb and Zigic are untrue. Zigic is showing signs of coming good and will be vital to us Like wise Larsson will be needed in our battle to stay up.


  6. Errr,
    don’t we have to ship some guys out?
    Surely there are more than 25 players over 21 on the books now?
    We’ve sold O’Connor & loaned out Michel.
    I think O’Shea is still on our books, as he’s only on a one-month loan
    So unless we don’t register Valles or Dann in the squad due to injury, we’re one over the limit?

  7. We were trying to work this out earlier. We’re pretty sure WITH Valles and Dann un-registered we’re on 25.

    Don’t know for definite though.

  8. does that mean valles and dann are both out for the rest of the season even if they miraculously recover?

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