Joys and Sorrows at the BCFC Open House, November 2023

December 1, 2023 4

Plenty has been written, blogged and released by the press, club and fans about the Open House since Monday so it’s been tricky working out what I can add of relevance to make it a worthwhile contribution.  I made copious notes that I certainly don’t want to ‘go to waste’, Read More


Two Accounts of the Birmingham Pub Bombings By J&S Members

November 26, 2023 1

I wrote a post last week relating to the 49th anniversary of the Birmingham pub bombings. Thank you for the feedback I have received directly and through social media. It also prompted two stories to come forward from two people closely associated with the site. They have given me permission Read More


Justice For the 21

November 20, 2023 1

I was involved in a podcast with The Project Facebook Group owner Steve Treanor, (podcast link below), and on that was also Peter Hannon who is involved in the Justice for 21 campaign. I wanted to give the opportunity to highlight the campaign. The night that the bombings happened in Read More

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