A Deal Closing For Aitor Karanka

The 19/20 campaign had been a bit of a mixed bag, with the coronavirus disruption and the shorter second half also seemed to be a bit of a struggle after a string of poor results – fortunately Blues were able to hold onto our Championship position however, despite those poor results, there does seem some good news on the horizon for the us. This is because the link with Aitor Karanka seems to be very strong for him to be our new manager.

Aitor Karanka
Aitor Karanka

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The former Middlesbrough and Nottingham Forest boss has been held in high regard and quite the resume under his belt including assisting Jose Mourinho early in his coaching career, and there’s certainly a lot to build on. Many have already stated how well liked he was amongst the Reds fans where he had managed to get them in contention toward the table, with some even chanting his name after leaving, and has many hoping that he’s able to do the same for Blues, if many measures can be replicated – one of the many areas that had been praised was his success in the transfer market. Working with a tight budget, he was able to get great value for his spending, and put tsome quality players on the pitch. This was seen as a big part of why his team were able to find success.

Pundits speak highly of him, and it’s hopeful if appointed at St. Andrews, with plenty of experience within the Championship and a good record, whilst there he has chance to be effective and pull the best out of the squad. The one possible negative, is he does have a reputation for being a bit stubborn – although of course that could be seen as a positive especially if it means standing up to the board. He also apparently demands high standards, which again is good. However this could see him being frustrated if things aren’t going to plan early.

One comment had been that whilst at Middlesborough he had the ability to make everyone move in the same direction – the players, the support staff, the owners, and the fans and this may be just what Blues need to push us forward and find some improvement. Let’s be honest, any improvement will be good!

We may find out soon enough, the next season is set to start in September, a little over a month away and if the acquisition is confirmed over the next day or two it does give fans a little something to look forward to – in the meantime it may be time to look for something else as major US sporting events are starting to come back and other events are getting underway in the UK such as the F1, if you’re looking to stay busy until the football returns then the recent changes to Gamstop and the added ban on credit card betting may not impact you as a growing number of betting sites and Casinos Not on Gamstop have become available in recent months – until then however it is just a waiting game, and hopefully some good news to come in the next few days.

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3 Comments on A Deal Closing For Aitor Karanka

  1. I just want to know why dose it take a bloody age for to aquire a bloody manager fo christ sake .karanka wants assurances. You can’t blame him for that but come on sign him up and stop the faffing around

  2. I do like the sound of Karanka organising the defence with Cahill organising the attack. Sounds like just what we need. But what’s worrying me is it has gone very quiet now.

  3. IMO there is plenty of time to get it right…the players must be off for a couple of weeks resting before the re start having played 9 friendlies just…well we played as if they were friendlies

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