That’s how many senior players we have according to the BCFC website. It was fifteen until Stephen Carr signed up a couple of days ago. If we don’t get a few more bodies in we’ll be relying on kids to fill the bench. The good thing is that now the transfer ban has been lifted we can start doing that albeit with limited funds. You’d hope that the sales of Ben Foster and Jordon Mutch will allow us to spend a few quid but where should we spend it?


We currently have just two, perennial number two Colin Doyle and Team GB’s number one Jack Butland. We may struggle to hold on to Butland if he performs well at the Olympics so that would just leave Doyle who impressed against Chelsea but struggled against Blackpool. The other possible scenario is that Butland is made number one and Doyle leaves in a huff. Either way a third keeper is required.


Stephen Carr signing up for another season gives us six defenders if you count Jonathan Spector as a right back. It’s unlikely that Carr will be able to play too many games so Spector will fill in quite often. There’s no cover for David Murphy at left back and with Curtis Davies being linked with a move away we are weak in the centre as well. I’m not sure what academy defenders are capable of making the step up. I’d say we need at least a couple more in defence with one of those being able to cover more than one position.


Jordon Mutch’s move to Cardiff and the end of the loans for N’Daw and Townsend leaves us with five in midfield. That’s if we manage to hang on to Chris Burke. Nathan Redmond will play more often although some of that may be as a second striker depending on how our new manager wishes to play him. Getting N’Daw back would be good along with a proper left sided midfield player. Even without the extra European games this year you’d want at least eight midfielders especially when injury and suspensions start to bite.


Last season Marlon King, Nikola Zigic and Adam Rooney scored a good number of goals between them so probably only need to be joined by one other. I would be surprised though if more attempts weren’t made to offload Zigic during the summer due to his high wages. I’ve heard rumours of Sone Aluko being tempted back after he refused to sign for the Rangers Newco and I’d also expect a youngster from a Premiership club to come on loan.

So I make that another six or seven players we need even if we don’t sell anyone else. With our limited funds Lee Clark will need to prioritise but what should his priorities be? I would say a full back and a central midfielder . I’ve added a poll to see what everybody else thinks.


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  1. We have the bones of a good championship side as long as we keep most of the squad. I agree offloading Zigic is a priority as at this level his wages would probably cover 3 or 4 decent players. Reserve team players will come into the fold in what could be a pivitol year for the likes of Asante & Jervis who both seem to have ducked under the radar. I have a couple of worries , one is that I think we may struggle to keep hold of Davies and Burke and the other is Butland, there is an awfull amount of hype around this kid for someone who has yet to play just a handfull of games in league 2. 19 is a very, very young age for a keeper to appear on a regular basis in the first team of any club let alone a second teir club that would like to think it will push for promotion. I do take heart that Watson, Clemence & Hodgson saw enough to take him to the euro’s. (I reckon Joe Hart rates him highly too). I would like to think that a first team squad of 22 or 23 would see us through. So 6 or 7 decent signings will do the trick. Lee Clark has a tough challenge ahead and we have to be patient and get behind the team as always…..KRO.

  2. Please oh lord Thor let them keep and invest in the youngsters and put them I’m the first eleven. Let them put faith in them and limit the number of experienced players.

  3. Does anyone have a view of which academy player – Deaman for instance – may step up??

  4. On the striker front would of thought the likes of Jervis & Asante would be stepping up for the 4th striker option?

    Eddie Gnahore to fill one of the midfield slots?

    Other than that not sure what else there is in the ressies or academy that would be ready to step up?

  5. i totally agree
    but i am looking forward to see how different the team will be and see if they want to play and have the same willing to do what ever it takes to get the result

    but come on you blue boys my season ticket has come and i will be there to show my support!!


  6. its 16 at the moment but if we are to believe the rumour mill doyle is on his way to ipswich on a bosman, Butland is likely to go to Spurs along with Redmond and Davis and Burke are possibilities for Norwich. I can’t see the Hong Kong Mafia turning down any offer of money so that is likely to leave us with 9 players and no goalkeepers.
    i’m sure they have agreed something with WBA to bring Myhill in as part of the Foster deal but the rest will be loans and bosmans.
    the board want to run the club at the lowest possible overhead so don’t expect more than 18 senior professionals 4 or 5 of which will be loans.
    Promotion???? not a chance

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