Different sponsor every game

Today the club announced that there would be a different sponsor for each game.  This was after they failed to agree a deal for a season long shirt sponsor to replace F&C investments.

On one hand it could be a clever marketing idea which would raise more money especially if we play a lot of cup games.  On the other it could be a symptom of the state the club is in that we could not arrange something that we have done every other season.  Also how many times will we find that we don’t have a new sponsor lined up for the next fixture as they come thick and fast in the Championship.  At least if we get a rubbish sponsor opposing fans won’t be able to laugh at us for long.

The big bonus for me is that the replica shirts will be sponsor free which I think makes them look so much better.  I for one will definitely be getting the home one now and I’ve heard of people who will be getting all three.  They might be collector’s items in a few years time.  Maybe this will be a real revenue boost after all.

What do you think of this?



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7 Comments on Different sponsor every game

  1. it seems likea good idea. it worked for wba and midlesborough so hopefully it will work for blues

  2. They’ll be the best kits in years. I’ll probably buy one now they don’t have a crap logo on the front

  3. Wrong shade of blue. And the kit design’s so plain that you might as well just buy a blue t-shirt for much less money.

    It’ll be interesting to see the range of sponsors the club attracts though!

  4. We can use it to support local businesses. When we don’t have a sponsor for a game, the space will be given for free to a local charity. I think this is wonderful, imaginative marketing, given our predicament. It takes us closer to the heart of the community.
    Why is it so wrong as a decision?

  5. max power tells us ‘it seems like a good idea’.Good ideas are planned,this ‘good idea’ has arisen because BCFC could not get a sponsor because no business of any repute wants to enter into a long term contract with the club.Some of the comments above tell us why we are in such a mess-far too many of our fans are willing to accept any old crap that comes from this discredited and inept board.

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