Chris Hughton Named as Blues Boss

Birmingham City FC have confirmed that Chris Hughton is our new manager and I’m delighted!

Hughton’s managerial pedigree is limited, however has shown enough in his limited time as Spurs boss but then as the Newcastle number one.

My blog last week shows his statistics which are quite impressive. Yes he inherited a good Newcastle side, however he did add players to that squad and he did get them playing terrific football. A pictoral example can be seen on Almajir’s blogwhere he looks at Hughton’s tactical side of the game.

I am really pleased with this appointment, partly because he was my first choice, but secondly because the board haven’t waited they have got on with it. A big up to Peter Pannu and Carson Yeung.

They appeared to have had a short list which provided interview candidates, however it is believed that Hughton impressed the Blues in his interview. This should please most Blues fans if our poll is anything to go by. Chris Hughton was the clear winner.

  • Chris Hughton (44%, 380 Votes)
  • Alan Curbishley (35%, 297 Votes)
  • Roberto Di Matteo (14%, 118 Votes)
  • Zola (5%, 41 Votes)
  • Billy Davies (1%, 12 Votes)
  • Dave Jones (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 857

    So the king is dead, long live the king! Let’s hope for some new players in midfield with pace and skill and storm the Championship!

    I am VERY excited!


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    11 Comments on Chris Hughton Named as Blues Boss

    1. If he can keep the majority of our players we should be okay. The board must back him with some cash. This could be the best news since the cup victory. Villa are welcome to the last one who shall not be named. I hope the players feel the same as we the supporters and stick with him. They can always go in the jan sales if things are going belly up. Hope the new kit is better than the last effort.

    2. My first choice would have been Curbishly but I’m delighted CH has been appointed and without any delay. Come on now board support him as I’m sure the vast majority of Bluenoses will. KRO SOTV SOTMc

    3. I must admit he was sixth on my list but I wish him well. You can say more people voted for him than any other candidate but to say most fans did so is not true. Most fans (477) voted for others. I hope he proves me wrong and turns out to be a resounding success

    4. A fair comment Paris, but getting on for a half of those voted DID vote for him.

      All the forums, sites, twitter etc I’ve been on – Hughton has been by far the most popular choice for the job.

      In truth I would have been happy with any of the top 4, but I genuinely think that Hughton is the man for us now.

    5. Im so happy that Chris Hughton has been appointed. Alex McCleish was a disgrace for the way he departed and will now rub our noses in by trying to pinch our best players. Whatever bad feeling he had towards the blues board doesnt mean to say he should upset the supporters who backed him for the last four years. I believe Chris will prove to be a better manager if hes given a chance to put his mark on the club.

    6. He is a realy good manageer and a top bloke. I wouldn’t say we played great, carpet football under Hughton it was more of a mixed style, though we did score a lot of goals and it is probably better than what you were used too under Mccleish. His weakness are tactics he isn’t too bad, but leaves it late for substitutions, though he may improve with experience. He is a good coach, Andy Carroll is evidence of this he went from being an average championship striker to being an England international wioth in the space of 12 months. Without a doubt though his man management is top class, players love him and give everything for him. Players like, Coloccini, Enrique, Barton and Nolan all grew in confidence with him in charge though this may also be due to the championship being too low of a league for them. he was good in the transfer maket aswell, Williamson, Simpson, Best, Tiote, Ben Arfa and Van Aanholt on loan were good signings.

    7. NUFC fan in peace – Just wanted to wish you guys all the best for next season, you have got a
      top man in Chris Hughton, the Toon fan above has stated Chris’s strengths and weaknesses very well so no further comment is necessary by me anyway. Good luck!

    8. Who will stay and who will go? Reckon Chris Hughton might’ve been the players choice too…

    9. Hi, Toon fan here, just wanted to give my opinion

      Chris is an amazing manager and is respected by all newcastle fans, a lot of them still would have in charge of us now and no one wanted him to leave our club, he doesnt get the credit he deserves, when people talk of our promotion they talk about how we had a premier league class side in the championship, but they may not be aware that we lost half of our starting XI outfield players in Duff, Owen, Vuduka, Martins, Beye and we were smashed by Leyton Orient pre-season, morale was at its lowest with in-fighting in the squad. Chris came in and instilled a great team spirit which is still apparent today and we went on to be unbeaten at home all season and then promoted, when we were in the premier league he had us 11th when he left which was a tremendous achievement especially as only a couple of games prior we were 9th and had been there for quite a while, all in all a gentleman and excellent manager (and a massive improvement over mcleish) and I do think he will get you guys promoted, good luck for the upcoming season.

    10. OK Kev, let’s leave at that. Nobody wishes him well more fervently than I do and he was very popular with the Toon fans. I am resigned to losing a couple of our best players and I think there will be others who will sulk if they are not allowed to leave but I do think Hughton will be able to calm things down and get the best out of these reluctant “loyalists”. Fingers crossed for a better season.

    11. Nice to see some Toon fans on here. Thanks for taking the time guys and telling us your thoughts. I’m pleased he’s got the job, he seems a man of integrity above all else, but time will tell. Let’s hope he can do a good job for us in the transfer market and in the tactics department. If we see our midfield pass the halfway line without getting a nose-bleed, we’ll know we are heading in the right direction. He hasn’t got much of an act to follow in terms of the league, but if we can score a goal a game and look like scoring more than that occasionally, we will be happy!
      See you in August 2012!

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