Portsmouth v Birmingham Postponed Suspicious? A Follow Up

I have spent a bit more time looking at this, as I said in my article yesterday I don’t normally write controversial articles.

It appears that there was a lot of snow on the pitch earlier in the week. As many of us are probably aware, snow is very heavy and to move it takes a lot of effort and energy. The snow was stored around the pitch, so it is reasonably likely even if it didn’t rain that much, (although there are conflicting opinions on that), the melting snow would have produced a lot of water. From looking at Portsmouth forums, it also appears that Fratton Park is notorious for poor drainage.

There are also a number of interviews kicking about where Alex McLeish  says that he had no problem with the postponement.

As a result of this, I thought it fair to put balance to what I wrote yesterday.


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4 Comments on Portsmouth v Birmingham Postponed Suspicious? A Follow Up

  1. Kev, in a moment of frustration yesterday I suggested to a mate of mine that Pompey would be relieved to have had the match postponed because of the African players being away plus their injuries but there has been a lot of snow in this part of the country and I can vividly remember Fratton Park becoming a swimming pool a few years ago when it started raining at the start of the game and by the end passing had become a farce so deep was the surface water. The other thing that was pointed out to me was that Portsmouth have had hardly any income this month because of postponements, their TV money being diverted and their well publicised difficulties securing short term funding to pay their players and backroom staff. If anything they would probably have preferred the game to go ahead and in the local news down here there was a big thing made of all the volunteers drafted in to clear the pitch of snow on Wednesday in exchange for free tickets to our game. This suggests commitment to get the game played and the pitch was definitely covered in order to preserve its condition. I think we have to dismiss any conspiracy theories therefore and just hope the rearranged date is soon and doesn’t mess up our fixture schedule too much.


  2. I live in Bournemouth and was due to go to Portsmouth ( 40 mins away)

    There was No heavy rain in this area..,,just light rain over night.

    They simply did not want to play this game as they did not have the money to pay the players !

    Bournemouth was at home and their game went ahead..as did all other home games in the area !!!

  3. Dorset blue…if that is the case then this needs to be looked at seriously.. I cannot believe that they cud think they can get awaywith this?!?!!!

  4. i think this was very suspicious as the only game in the highest 2 leagues to be called off and as dorset blue said even the bournemouth game went on and they are in league 2

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