A Brentford Fan’s Comment on Last Night

This comment was added on the forum after the game, and I thought it deserved being blogged!

Thought I’d share my opinions from a Bees fans perspective.

First and foremost I’m immensely proud of my little club. Clearly the team done a job and it’s fair to say that you were definitely the better side over the first 94 minutes and the subsequent 30 of extra time…..but for us to come to a Premiership team and not be dominated or in awe because of the occasion I think says a lot about the character of our squad.

Yes this was our “Cup Final” to a certain degree but getting a result was really secondary to most Bees fans and much more important was to come away from the game having shown that we can compete on a bigger stage, and hopefully the players will realise this and get their arses in gear in the league!

As for us fans, I’d say that we were definitely Premier League last night and if/when we manage to get up to the Championship, turnouts like last night would be quite a common occurrence as the majority that were there last night are also there every week at home.

We’ve had some nice comments from a few Blues fans on the Griffin Park Grapevineand, aside from the few idiots claiming to be Zulu’s in the corner to our right, most of you have been ok towards us and haven’t gloated too much and that’s appreciated.

Good luck for the rest of the season and I guess we’ll just have to concentrate on the Treble now!!

If you were at the game and want to add any more, please comment. If anyone does want to provide a match report, I’ll blog that as a separate article.

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1 Comment on A Brentford Fan’s Comment on Last Night

  1. Not sure what set it off just after we scored but it was only gesturing, but the bees had some idiots as well, as we heard (ground staff) that a coach had been stopped by police and found cs gas as well as millwall and west ham thugs on board
    I think they knew something was in the air as the end block of seats in the kop were left empty

    Also bees weren’t the lesser side for the first 94 minutes as after half time for the first 15 mins I thought they were driving forward and looking dangerous and we kept losing the ball far too easily
    An entertaining game if you were neutral but a frustrating one for us again as there was still no cutting edge.
    We lacked pace to surprise them on the counter attack, but nothing new there then!
    Michel played well I thought although fergie when he replaced him made an instant improvement at the same time the bees were tiring. He just seems to have something Michel doesn’t; maybe he moves the ball around quicker/first time pass?
    Ziggy missed a sitter in extra time but he caused a problem that O’Connor didn’t do all night.
    I have been shouting about Derbyshire getting a good stint yet on Saturday his first touch was poor tonight he was ineffective as well and when he was through at an angle he should have shot but passed to O’Connor who was half asleep.
    Though I think derby wants the ball through the defenders to run onto we kept lobbing high balls or feeding him with his back to goal.
    Thought dann played well also always looking to play the ball with thought although caught out a couple of times but his still learning.
    Great to see Redmond get more minutes, he looks promising and definetely improved our attack.
    At half time I thought we were going out so in the end very pleased we got through because that’s all that counts.

    Never went to the other two rounds but I expected a higher attendance unless families have gone on holiday as the kids are off school?
    If vile go through tonight there is a great chance them, us or the baggies will meet
    You watch us get arse or manure away

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