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As we have now completed the last season of the “Noughties” it’s time for a poll on who we think has been the best player during that period.  The candidates are listed below but I’ve also allowed an “other” option in the poll if you think someone has been missed.  Tell us who it is via the comments.

Mikael Forssell 101 apps 30 goals

Initially a loan player who spearheaded the Blues attack in the 2003-04 season and would probably have done the same the next season but for a season ending knee injury after just three games. Was never quite the same player afterwards but did have some highlights later on, notably a hat-trick against Spurs.

Robbie Savage 82 apps 11 goals

He left under a cloud but for three years he was definitely a fans favourite and typified the battling Blues of the first season in the Premier League.  Was useful with free kicks as but his main role seemed to be to wind up the opposition.

Stern John 77 apps 16 goals

Didn’t score many but they tended to be important ones. Who can forgot his late winner at Milwall in the play off semi final or his last minute equaliser against Villa in 2004.

Cameron Jerome 146 apps 33 goals

Has scored more goals than anyone else during the decade despite not always being first choice. Can be frustrating but seems to have improved this season to be the top striker at the club.

Martin Grainger 225 apps 25 goals

Another player who’s career was cut down by injury but he was a key component of the first promotion winning team. A tough hard working full back who was brilliant from free kicks.

Kenny Cunningham 134 0 goals

“King” Kenny was our captain and the rock at the back of the defence for the first four years in the Premier League. A great organiser who read the game brilliantly.

Maik Taylor 214 apps 0 goals

Our keeper during most of our Premier League seasons only losing his place this term to Joe Hart. A great shot stopper who often kept the opposition out single handidily.

Christophe Dugarry 30 apps 6 goals

He only really shone for us for three months but what a three months they were. Brought style and skill to St Andrews and often won games on his own. His role in the four straight victories that kept us up in 2003 will never be forgotten.

Stan Lazaridis 191 apps 8 goals

Australian Stan joined us from West Ham and played seven seasons including all of our first stint in the Premier league. I always remember how the crowd would lift every time he got the ball and started a run down the left to cries of “C’mon Stanley”. Not a prolific scorer but they were usually good ones.

Geoff Horsfield 108 apps 23 goals

A fan favourite who helped out with some useful goals particularly the equaliser in the play off final.  Has recently won a fight against cancer.

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2 Comments on Player of the Decade

  1. Player of the decade isn’t about being the best for me, it’s about being a legend. Hence it has to be Grainger for his 100% commitment and THAT left foot!

  2. Bryan Hughes, Damien Johnson and Matthew Upson are worth a honorary mention. If it’s about skill then Dugarry is the man but DJs wholehearted commitment to fighting relegation year in, year out for the Blues means he’s contributed more than most. Same goes for Maik Taylor.

    Does anyone have a list of Player of the Season for each year of the decade?

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