Birmingham City vs Wigan – Brief post match thoughts

I’ve delayed writing this until today because I wanted a chance to see the replay of the penalty incident first on Match of the Day. 

Let’s be honest about it, it was a dive.  Not as bad as the David N’gog one for Liverpool but it was never a penalty.  If it had been given against us we would have been fuming.  Bearing in mind the N’gog incident this is a case of things balancing out over the course of a season so we are even now.  The resulting spot kick was well taken by McFadden which I hope will help his confidence. 

Apart from that it was a largely forgettable game with the only other noteable incident being the linesman being attacked by the corner flag.  How that corner flag was able to stay on the pitch afterwards I’ll never know.

Let’s hope the team can raise themselves for next weeks cup game against a Portsmouth team who have nothing else to play for.

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2 Comments on Birmingham City vs Wigan – Brief post match thoughts

  1. Whilst appreciating the magnificent job Alex and the whole team have done this season,can we look forward to the next stage of our development and perhaps with quality additions to the squad play a more attractive passing and attacking game hopefully increasing the goal tally which in turn would bring back maximum gates to St Andrews, I know that all good teams must build from the back and Alex is certainly working on that and with the backing of the new board perhaps at long last we can build a team that can compete in the top league on a regular basis.
    I hope that Alex and the board have exciting times planned for Birmingham City FC and look forward to see how it will unfold in the coming seasons.


  2. There was a funny moment in the 1st half when Ridge went to clear the ball and kicked the Wigan player up the backside right on the touchline right in front of the linesman!

    Not only did the Wigan player get a sore backside – we got the throw in, Ridge’s smirk was priceless. 😀

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