New Name of the Legends Lounge

The club are asking fans to vote on which Blues legend, the legends lounge should be named after. For me there is only one choice!

(EDIT – I mis-read the e-mail, the vote is about which NAMES (plural) should be in the lounge. I haven’t deleted any of my original post though.)

Legend is a difficult one to define, is it personality, what you have won or performance on the pitch. For me the prominant is the latter.

We have had some tremendous players at the club over the years, all will be special to us in different ways. Although they were before my time – two names stand out for me, Jeff Hall and Joe Bradford.

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall was born in Scunthorpe, he joined the Blues in 1950. He became a full back at the club and made is debut in 1951. He was part of the Second Division Championship side in 54/55.  The following season, he was part of the team that finished sixth in the First Division, still the clubs highest finish in the top flight. The side also reached the FA Cup Final, losing 3–1 to Manchester City. He played over 200 games for the Blues from 1950 – 1959.

That year he won his first cap, and played a full part for England’s next 16 games.

Hall died on 4 April 1959  as a result of polio. An absolute tradegy, he was considered to have been one of England’s best ever full backs. 

Joseph “Joe” Bradford 

Joe was  a centre forward, born near Coalville, Leicestershire. Bradford made nearly 450 appearances for the club in all competitions, scoring over 250 goals, a fantastic return.

He also played 12 times for England, scoring seven goals.

He is still our all-time leading goalscorer, in fact, he topped the club’s scoring list in all but one First Division season between 1921–22 and 1932–33, and he was top scorer in all twelve of those seasons.

Bradford also scored our only goal of the 1931 FA Cup Final, when we were beaten by West Bromwich Albion.

He died in Birmingham aged 79.(Both player profiles adapted from

From that, as Jeff Hall is already remembered in the clock, my vote goes to Joe Bradford. The best ever centre forward to play for the club.

If you agree, great – if you don’t, that’s ok too – either way you can vote here.


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  1. Just thought I would add a few names from the past to jog the memory. I only have on record players who played for blues after 1946, and have only included players that made more than 200 appearances for the blues.

    Now that is what I call legends

    Player Goals Appearances Season/s Percentage goals to Games
    ASTALL Gordon 57 235 53-61 24
    BEARD Malcolm 26 350 60-71 7
    BENNETT Ian 0 287 –
    BOYD Len 14 255 48-56 5
    FRAIN John 23 274 85-97 8
    FRANCIS Trevor 119 280 70-79 43
    GALLAGHER Joe 17 286 73-81 6
    GRAINGER Martin 25 226 11
    GREEN Ken 3 401 47-59 1
    HALL Jeff 1 227 50-59 0
    HARRIS Fred 61 280 34-50 22
    HUGHES Bryan 34 248 14
    JOHNSON Michael 13 262 5
    LATCHFORD Dave 0 206 68-78 –
    MARTIN Ray 1 333 63-76 0
    MERRICK Gil 0 485 46-60 –
    MURPHY Peter 107 245 51-60 44
    PAGE Malcolm 8 336 64-81 2
    PENDREY Garry 4 306 68-79 1
    SCHOFIELD John 0 212 52-66 –
    SMITH Trevor 3 365 53-65 1
    STEWART Jackie 54 203 47-55 27
    TRIGG Cyril 67 268 35-54 25
    VOWDEN Geoff 79 221 64-71 36
    WARHURST Roy 10 213 49-57 5
    WATTS Johnny 3 206 51-63 1

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