Birmingham 1 v 1 Tottenham Hotspur Quick Post Match Thoughts

Before a few critical comments, I have to say that I was impressed with our never say die attitude today. We battled to stay in the game all afternoon and particularly after we went 1-0 down. Actually that seemed to spur us into life. (Excuse the pun!) Not for the first time this season, a non forward scored for us – a defender, Liam Ridgewell – popped up to resucue a point.

It COULD have been better though. Chucho missed two chances where he was one on one, chances you KNOW Defoe wouldn’t have missed. I have to say, I’m getting concerned about Chucho. He is fast, and beats the back line quite often – however his return IS poor. We must have at LEAST 1 more striker before 17.00 Monday.

The other notable criticism is our lack of penetration prior to the last 10 minutes. We need a bit of pace, guile and creativity on either flank. We played some nice football, and we did break through enough times, but for much of the afternoon I thought we were a bit predictable. Seb and McFadden worked hard, but looked below par – I’m not surprised they were substituted. They need some competition for their places I think.

Take nothing away from Spurs, I thought they looked well organised and looked dangerous whenever they came forward. Defoe pounced on a free ball mid-way through the 2nd half, and Harry must have thought they had won it, but they hadn’t accounted for our unwillingness to give in!

So, well done Blues – on the whole a good response to Wednesday, let’s not forget that Spurs are going for a Champion’s League place.

Oh, and I called the result correctly in my preview! 🙂

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10 Comments on Birmingham 1 v 1 Tottenham Hotspur Quick Post Match Thoughts

  1. Fair do’s. I’m a very disappointed Spurs fan today as I thought we largely controlled the game but sadly you don’t get any more points for possession and you forced us back after the goal and never gave up which always gives you a chance. Have been very impressed with Blues this season, best of luck for the rest of it and here’s hoping we learn our lessons and pip the bin dippers, Abu Citeh and another team in your city I won’t mention to 4th place 🙂

  2. Can’t believe we didn’t win that today. Gutted. We should have finished you off long before you got that equaliser. Fair play to you though, you stuck at it and got your reward. Spurs soft centre will cost us champions league football.

  3. As I said on the forums, it’s very harsh to single out Benitez.

    Today, there were a number of people that either missed chances or played themselves into danger and out of scoring.

    McFadden and Jerome were just as poor as Benitez today, both seemed to be a few minutes behind the pace. McFadden kept playing himself into danger whilst trying to make a good chance better, even when there were people in a better position already and with enough space to receive a decent pass. His free-kicks were woeful and twice he hit the wall, once when there was just a single man in it!

    I’m afraid we could do with giving the entire front line, including the wingers, a real kick up the backside. We need a striker and a winger before the window closes on Monday, otherwise we might have to settle for quite a few more draws.

  4. The outcome of that game could have been a lot different if you lot would have just crumbled under the pressure from Spurs…however, testament to your form this season you kept fighting and earned a good point. Over at the Spurs forums we’re shooting Jenas down in flames (not soley because of this game) but I can take nothing away from Birmingham today, you kept fighting, didn’t crumble and Jenas or not, deserved your point.

  5. What a load of patronising idiots you Spurs fans are, you looked completely average, but to be fair Blues make most teams look average nowadays but it is pure stupidity on your part thinking your going to outgun Liverpool to fourth spot not a chance in hell. You’ll GIFT them fourth spot IMO.

  6. Not sure I agree with you james. I thought that Spurs looked in control without really making much effort. The only time they really looked iffy, was after they scored. All of a sudden we woke up.

    Before that I thought they were the better side.

  7. Hi, being from USA I had the opportunity to watch Benitez quite a bit while he was playing in the FMF, and he has never been the best finisher, thats always been his biggest knock. The midfield looked piss poor today, and we had trouble hanging onto possession. That said if at the beginning of the year you would have told me that we would be upset about getting draws against the Spurs…….well I would have laughed.

  8. You must’ve been watching a different game Kev. For me the first half was very even and Spurs looked the better side for the first 25 minutes of the second half, but I thought that was countered by Blues being better in the final 20 minutes. Bentley cost Spurs £18M pounds did he look like a player that was worth £18M? Did any of them look like they were worth their price tags? As i said you must’ve been watching a different game.

  9. You’re entitled to your opinion Jamie, however I just felt that Spurs were in control – but I accept they weren’t steamrollering us.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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