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After a number of weeks of hectic activity things are now a little quiet on the transfer front. Most of the news this week has concerned deals being closed (Benitez, Bowyer) and deals that were never really on in the first place (Viera). Fortunately the Barton rumours seem to have died down.

Two interesting stories this week concerned comments from Alex McLeish. The first revealed that he didn’t believe that we yet had a good enough team to stay up and still needed more players. This could just have been a plea to the board to open their wallets a few more times but is a little worrying. I believe we already have a good chance of survival which will only be improved by new signings. If I look around the Premiership I can see a lot of teams that we could compete with, Hull, Wolves, Stoke, Burnley, Wigan and Portsmouth are the main ones.

The second story was about the need for a midfield general that we can all agree with. A central pairing of Carsley and Bowyer is fine for the Championship but will not cut it at the higher level. The thing is, who is available and would we be able to get them. There are not too many candidates that come to mind. I expect that we will have to look abroad to find our man although all the links from May and June seemed to have died away. Biglia would have fitted the bill nicely.

So this week’s poll is about how to fill the gap in midfield.  Select what you would do and let us know any suggestions you have in the comment box.




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5 Comments on A Midfield General

  1. I think it will be about the type of formation Eck has in mind.This will determine the midfield player he is after.wil it be 442 at home and 451 away?
    451 away is possibly the way with Benitez and Jerome.
    At home we need someone to unlock a defence.

  2. This question has utterly banjaxxed me – You are correct that we need a real boss-man in the engine room but I have no idea who that person would be so I’m excited to hear what others think/say?
    Yes, Biglia would have been perfect.
    We need to keep Seb, but a happy Seb who wants to play…

  3. yeah i agree but god knows where hes coming from or for that matter how much hes going to cost …………….. i do think tho we need another striker to compliment benitez

  4. I never believed Vieira was ever going to come to us. That sort of player would look at us as beneath them and even at 33 he’s probably right however hard it is to accept. Frankly I have no idea regarding alternatives and know too little about Biglia to comment. It strikes me though that if the original rumours about Vieira are true a salary of £5 million a year begs the question why not spend that sort of money plus a bit more if necessary for a younger and hungrier alternative. I’d love to see someone like Tom Huddlestone come in but I’m probably dreaming. However, if it is perceived that someone of that quality is going to make the difference then it’s essential the money is spent.


  5. Some names for a central midfield role…

    Michael Johnson – Unlikely to be getting a whole lot of games at Man City any time soon.

    Amaury Bischoff – Has this potential transfer died?

    Kevin-Prince Boateng – Linked last summer, doesn’t look any closer to getting a game for Spurs.

    Darron Gibson – Probably going to move on from Man Utd.

    Aaron Ramsey – Arsenal might think that a full season on loan to us is better than 15 part games for them.

    Fabrice Muamba – Would you get him back if it was for no more than we got for him?

    Michael Bradley – Anything still happening with this transfer?

    Fabian Delph – How much longer can Leeds keep him?

    These would mostly be considered more creative than a true midfield general, but I’m not sure if another true battler is what we need alongside Carsley and Bowyer.

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