Joe Hart, Venger and Wolves – where will it all end?

This was left as a comment by a chap called Nick – he wrote it before today’s game but I thought it deserved to be posted as an article. Enjoy and thanks Nick.

I lead with Joe Hart, only because he is on loan to us and it’s the loan system I want to have a moan about.

Loaning players out to different leagues, or indeed abroad, to get experience, seems fine to me but I’m not so convinced about same league loans, to say the least.

My main concern is that the clubs with the most dosh, not only stand the best chance of winning anyway but can also manipulate other teams by their influence over their loaned players.

For a start, Joe Hart, will not be allowed to play against Man. City – fair play some may say but can they also stipulate that he can’t play against other teams. Remember Robbie Savage, when we sold him to Blackburn, yes actually sold him, we did not allow him to play against us.

Which brings me onto Wenger and Jack Wilshere. Wenger’s happy to loan him out and Wilshere wanst to stay in the premiership and good for him. Burnley look favourites but Wenger wants assurances that he will play in all games – well at least that was he has said.

Can clubs stipulate who plays for other teams? Maybe Wenger would want to rest Wilshire if, for example, he was playing Wolves two days before Man U. Maybe the likes of Chelsea and MU should loan all their reserve players out to other premiership clubs and really create a stir!

And what about Merlin the Magician, alias Mick Mcarthy? Playing your second team against the top clubs is the beginning of the end for me – and in nay case, what are the rules?

The danger is that we have mini leagues where the top teams put out their reserves aginast the bottom and the bottom teams put out their reserves against the top teams.

The whole league gets devalued like the league cup and soon, the FA cup. It will be interesting to see our line up against Forest and I for one would not complain if we had more than a few changes but I draw the line at the premiership.

I also don’t like the idea of feeder clubs as it’s demeaning to fans.

Anyway, looking on the brifgt side, what a fantastic season so far and all the best for 2010. Credit to Johnson and Dann in particular but Ferguson ensures we play the ball and if Jerome sould ever improve his first/second/third touch, you never know!


PS Hull had 27 points at this stage last year!

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