Proper Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance

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I’ve been having a little think recently. Not that it’s out of the ordinary….thinking, that is….but something has got me rather excited about the coming season. Preparation.

Every previous season, we’ve seemed sluggish to move for players. We haven’t really done any business, with the board stating time and time again in the Press (along with Bruce) that the most work is done in August.

Shove August!

In August, a player joins you after pre-season. You have no idea how well the pre-season training was at his old club, if he has had one at all! This leaves you with a sluggish, tired, lethargic player who invariably ends up injured for most of the season, if he even passes the medical.

But this season…..we seem to have figured that out, or at least McLeish knows it to be poppycock. We seem to be preparing well. We’re bidding for players, signing players, ready to take them with us on our pre-season tour and give them the time to integrate themselves into the side and work on any language or fitness barriers they may have.

How many clubs have practically wrapped up their summer dealings within a month of the season finishing? From close of play in May to the end of June we’ve recruited FIVE new bodies. Practically a whole new back like in Danns, Espinoza, Johnson, one of the country’s most highly rated young ‘keepers in Joe Hart and an exciting forward prospect in Benitez.

We actually seem to have a management team who know how to build a football club. You know the sort, an enthusiastic, driven, determined bunch with foresight and that invaluable quality of being able to ‘take a punt’.

I mean, it’s not just the scouting team and McLeish; our board seem to have jumped on the enthusiasm bandwagon. I genuinely can’t remember a time they’ve backed a manager to the hilt in the transfer market as much as they’ve backed McLeish. The excitement on David Sullivan’s face as we signed Christian Benitez said it all for me. They’ve got their enthusiasm, their drive, their ambition back.

All of this excites me.

I don’t know about you, but for me McLeish and his crew seem a world apart from previous management teams in terms of preparation. They also seem to know how to motivate the board, too. Especially in removing money from Mr. Sullivan’s wallet, something which previously required a large amount of anaesthetic and one of the surgery teams from Selly Oak Hospital!

I’m thrilled to bits that we seem to be making the right moves and long may it continue. Good times ahead I think!

Of course, knowing Blues on the pitch……


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3 Comments on Proper Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance

  1. I have been a big Eck doubter but to be fair I am excited about this season and think at least we are trying to stay up this time

  2. Alex says he needs one or two midfielders. That is definately our weak point at the present. With one top man and another prospect we should be ready for the big kick off. Birmingham City.Lets pack St Andrews out this time.

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