Birmingham City Interested in Miquel Nelom to Further Improve Team’s Defence

The club are always on the lookout for some fresh talent to add to our squad. And this time, we have apparently got Feyenoord’s Miquel Nelom on our radar. Reports have it that the Dutchman is available for transfer even though Feyenoord FC aren’t comfortable in setting their top gun free.

But why is the transfer still possible despite this being the case? Well, it has to do with the club’s finances. It will benefit Feyenoord if they’re going to get money from Nelom before he leaves the team.

Though there are a lot of football clubs interested in getting the 27-year-old, Blues are a possible club where this defender could play next. Blues are searching for a talented defender whom they can put in the left-back position.

Nelom seems to be a perfect fit for that. And what makes the whole issue more possible is that he’s still not that expensive. This means that Blues can save a lot of money in getting Nelom to play for them, while also improving their defensive game.

The Blues might be in the 23rd spot of the EFL Championship, but there are already signs of improvement. If Nelom does get to play with us, the confidence could be further improved. It’s a fact that our defence does indeed need to be strengthened.

And though the Dutch defender isn’t yet well-versed with the Championship, he should fit in well because he’s got a great passing and tackling game. Apparently he is also a good long passer of the ball, allowing for a more direct style if needed.  He may also be familiar with Kief 🙂

Having more than 400 minutes of playing time for the Eredivisie and a passing success percentage of 87.2%, there’s no doubt that if he joins, he will add quality in the back four.

As of now, Blues don’t fare well in the betting game. But that is not without hope of improvement. If new quality players like Nelom play for us, it can be expected that the betting odds would improve and be better than that of Hull City’s 2500/1 odds or even Reading’s 1000/1.

This is very possible because even Queens Park Rangers who have odds of 2000/1 are in 14th spot. This means that even though Blues’ odds won’t improve immediately, the signs are there, that improvement has started already.

The Wolves are currently dominating the league with 1/14 odds. Derby County then takes the second spot with 22/1 while Cardiff City has a competitive 35/1. Though these clubs might seem to be a bit out of reach for the Blues for now, it can be hoped that we will reach their ranks sooner or later.

That possibility would be even more likely if quality players like Miquel Nelom play for us. Hopefully, he does. If and when this happens, then it would be easy for you to bet on Birmingham City with one of UK’s leading betting sites. Not only will you have a higher chance of winning, but there is also the possibility of watching quality players such as Miquel Nelom.

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