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The Merry-Go-Round Begins…

Kaka to Madrid. Done.

Ronaldo to Madrid. Done.

Those two monumental transfers seem to be only the tip of the iceberg as the influx of money into English and Italian football has set pulses racing. United have cash to spend. AC Milan, a team who never spend big, have money to spend. Then, of course, there are also teams such as Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Inter and Barcelona who have excess cash burning holes in the owners’ very large pockets. Oh, and there is the small matter of Real Madrid.

It seems that this summer will be the summer when we see transfer fees explode from top to bottom. The steady rise in fees paid for players has been absolutely obliterated during the close season after a couple of big, big money moves.

This has set the wheels in motion and an extraordinary process is set to unfold where Europe’s top clubs battle for the signatures of the very best that this world has to offer. Karim Benzema. David Villa. David Silva. Samuel Eto’o. Xabi Alonso. Didier Drogba.

Let the games begin.

It seemed that United had made the first move, when it was reported that they had agreed a £35 million transfer fee for the Frenchman. However, Real Madrid have trumped their English rivals (again), as they have agreed a £30 million fee for the striker.

With Benzema off the table, the scramble for players will intensify yet further, with fewer and fewer clubs looking to sell their top players. The likes of Manchester United and Barcelona will be desperately searching for new talent due to the transfers that have already taken place; United have lost (a lot) of ground on their rivals by selling Ronaldo to Madrid, and the return of The Galacticos Era to Madrid has put Barca at a disadvantage in the transfer market and on the field of play.

Exactly which players will be on the move is debatable, but what can be said for sure is that things are going to get interesting. Watch this space.

Beaten, but not Humiliated

Yes, the England Under-21 lost out to Germany in the Euro Under-21 Championship final on Monday. However, the side and their manager, should not be written off. Pearce has worked wonders with the side, turning them into a well-drilled, efficient and determined side. It is my honest opinion that losing this final will be the making of this side. If they had won, then the pressure of a nation would have shifted onto the new Golden Generation, thus making prospects of success at forthcoming tournaments seem as bleak as ever.

Team spirit will raise yet further by this latest setback, and the team will bounce back. Again. A new generation will come and fly the flag that has so elegantly soared in recent times. These were Pearce’s boys. These are our boys.

 A Return to The Way It Was

The BBC will show 10 live Championship games during the 2009/2010 season, as football reverts back to the old ways of showing live football on free-to-air television. Personally, I think that it is an absolutely fantastic idea. Many football fans nowadays are blinkered by Premier League football and the coverage that it receives from media outlets across the world. For many fans, the Championship and the lower leagues are unimportant, and that view is one that should be changed as soon as possible.

Highlights of the lower leagues can be found on ITV at times that are inconvenient to the masses, so that doesn’t help. However, with the deal in place that the BBC shall show 10 live games during the season; this should enable a larger number of fans to gain access to one of the most exciting leagues in the world.

Summer Time Fun

Can you feel it? This is it. This is the time when fans implore their club to sign new talent, but at the end of the day, they don’t really care about us. This is the time of year when managers have tough decisions to make. They will wanna’ be starting somethin’, holding on to some players for dear life, and telling others to beat it. Don’t bet against Spurs coming back to Berbatov, desperately pleading I want you back.

The game has moved on, and signing a player is not as easy as ABC. With foreign players and agents approaching clubs all the time, you don’t know your Ben from your Billy Jean.

For years, United fans have praised Ronaldo for the way that he makes them feel, but his promises that he’d be there did not prove true has he has gone off to Madrid. Perez snuck up on English football and stole its brightest star like a smooth criminal. Ronaldo’s stay at United was a thriller…He rocked our world…But United fans will hope that the old adage that there ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone is false.

As he looks at the man in the mirror, Sir Alex will know that he has a job on his hands. He needs new blood. Be they black or white, young or old.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson – the King of Pop.

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  1. Just had to vent my feelings, I have read various reports that Blues are considering a move for Joey Barton on loan from Newcastle. I hope this is just paper talk, surely the management team are not that desperate. We played with 10 men for a number of games last season, lets not have a repeat next season, he will spend most of his time suspended. I can see difficulties with our players with him around and off field trouble causing unrest. There will be a natural response to defend his actions on the pitch, drawing other players into arguments and yellow cards and the usual confrontations that seem to follow this player around. Its going to be hard enough next season without vendetters and old scores to settle. Everyone likes a hard midfield player that gives everything without flinching but there are so many niggles, off the ball incidents and dangerous tackles with this player, he is just not worth the risk. He has so much baggage surely even Blues would not risk this one

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