What a difference four years make……..

June, 2005. A web petition is circulating around most of the Birmingham City fan sites and in boxes of fans. It’s mission? To ensure that a payer, touted by many as a ‘racist thug’, is prevented from signing his name on a contract for the club. The move collapses and the manager at the time, Steve Bruce, personally calls the press from his holiday in Portugal to express his anguish and disappointment.

May, 2009. Blues fans in their thousands cross their fingers as one of the most influential players in the second half of their promotion season discusses, with his agent and club representatives, a deal to turn his loan into a permanent move. Fans have praised his work rate, his ability and his desire. He has been instrumental in their promotion.

It’s a world apart.

Or is it?

The player I’m talking about is, Lee Bowyer and four years ago I was one of the minority that looked on helpless and bemused as thousands of Bluenoses complained and 271 of the congregation signed the petition that ultimately blew his move out of the water.

For me, Lee Bowyer has demonstrated an amazing commitment to the cause whilst he’s been with us, he has genuinely made me forget why people went as far as they did all that time ago.

But, looking back on the events, what has changed in four years? Lee Bowyer hasn’t yet managed to fit a flux capacitor to the back of a DeLorean, hit 88 miles per hour and change his past with the help of a fuzzy white haired professor. If he had I’d have been in touch and be writing this from a mansion in Sorrento whilst in a bath of the EuroMillions winnings.

He still has the same history as three years ago, he is still the same person and the same player.

Yet this time around, his loan move happened without hassle and he got the same chance he would have been given four years ago. No petition, no protest, no worries. We’re now even hoping he signs for us permanently.

It’s a fickle game, isn’t it?


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4 Comments on What a difference four years make……..

  1. There are a lot of fans who’s opinion of Bowyer hasn’t changed and many like myself would be happier if he were somewhere else in the long run despite his contribution this season. The difference is that the majority have either decided to grin and bear his presence or have boycotted the club whilst he is here. As you have stated his background hasn’t changed and personally he used up his chances many years ago as far as I am concerned. I didn’t sign the petition last time and wouldn’t have if one was organised this team but I have voted with my wallet and attended significantly less games since he was recruited than I might have otherwise and still do not cheer or clap him.

    I have always maintained it is the clubs decision who they employ and the fans to act as their conscience demands. There is no denying that on the footballing side he contributed massively this season but the question for each individual is, is that enough to excuse his past actions.

  2. Whilst rumours of Bowyer’s character suggests he may have been a bit of a rogue in his younger days, he was acquitted of all involvement in any serious wrong doing. Now, because I don’t believe everything I read in the tabloids, I have no reason to believe that Bowyer is a Joey Barton. Surely, we are all ignorant to the real stories of all footballer’s lives?

    Most importantly, I have no reason this believe this is a man who shouldn’t get our support on the pitch. For Richard to actually vote with his feet and not go down, based on never really knowing Bowyer, isn’t admirable, it’s just another excuse for the pathetic support Blues fans have given the team this season. Sorry Richard, you are entitled to your opinion but I’m astonished that you would abandon your team based on not actually knowing Lee Bowyer.

  3. Carl, thank you for your comments too. The subject of Lee Bowyer is likely to split opinion.

    I think both of you have put forward your points very well, however remember let’s not get personal. 😉


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