Press Release From the Football League – Crowds are Up!

I received this press release from the Football League. Yes I know we are not part of it now, but I thought people might be interested in it.

Apparently crowds were up again last season. (Not sure we played a part in it though!!)

I have published it with their permission.




Crowds at matches in the Coca-Cola Football League have topped the sixteen million mark for the fifth consecutive season.  More than 16.35m supporters attended the 1,656 matches played during 2008/09, an increase of 1% on last season.

The Football League continues to enjoy sustained attendance growth. Gates are currently at their highest levels for nearly 50 years and have more than doubled since the mid-eighties (7.5m in 1985/86).

The Coca-Cola Championship is set to retain its place as the 4th most watched League in Europe with a total audience of 9.9m fans.  This is likely to be bettered only by the Premiership, Germany’s Bundesliga and Spain’s La Liga. 

Attendances at matches in The League’s top division rose by 5% during 2008/09 and averaged 17,891.

Meanwhile, crowds for matches in Coca-Cola League 1 and Coca-Cola League 2 averaged more than 7,500 and 4,100 respectively.  These figures continue to dwarf those of comparable levels of the game in Europe’s other major footballing nations.  League 1 crowds are 40% greater than those in Germany and more than three times higher than those recorded in Italy and France.  League 2 crowds are almost three times those of German football and four times those of the Italian game.

In welcoming these figures Football League Chairman Lord Mawhinney said:
“Attracting more than sixteen million fans to matches for the fifth consecutive season is further proof that Football League clubs provide an outstanding experience for supporters. 

“I am particularly encouraged that more and more families are going to watch their local League club.
“Given the prevailing financial climate maintaining this progress will be a significant challenge for clubs.  A number of clubs are already using innovative pricing policies to enable them to continue making live football accessible to everyone in their local community.”

The Football League’s ‘Enjoy the Match’ campaign, which aims to eliminate abusive language and aggressive behaviour in family areas of stadia, has prompted a significant rise in attendance in these areas.  Between August and December 2008 Football League clubs recorded a 12% increase in family areas.
Further Details:
John Nagle
Head of Communications
The Football League
[email protected]
Notes to Editors:
2007/08 Football League Attendance Figures
(2006/07 figures in brackets)
Coca-Cola Football League:
Total: 16,352,920 (16,204,795)
Average: 9,875 (9,786)
% Change: +0.9%
Coca-Cola Championship:
Total: 9,875,902 (9,396,316)
Average: 17,891 (17,022)
% Change: +5.1%
Coca-Cola League 1:
Total: 4,172,343 (4,411, 413)
Average: 7,559 (7,992)
% Change: -5.4%
Coca-Cola League 2:
Total: 2,304,675 (2,397,066)
Average: 4,175 (4,343)
% Change: -3.9%
Figures are based on figures issued by clubs to the media. There may be a small variance with the final official figures, which only become a matter of record once all gate statements have been received and processed by The Football League.
Historical Attendance Growth
Season                   Aggregate Attendance
1959/60                  18,064,859
1960/61                  15,657,132
1970/71                  14,201,752
1980/81                  10,509,691
1985/86                  7,450,652
1990/91                  10,921,055
1995/96       11,375,309
2000/01                  13,546,724
2001/02                  14,803,081
2002/03                  14,871,981
2003/04                  15,889,750
2004/05                  16,364,419
2005/06                  16,216,672
2006/07                  16,473,930
2007/08                  16,204,795
2008/09                  16,352,920

Historical analysis based on the transcription of The Football League ledgers by Brian Tabner.  Figures for seasons prior to 1992/93 are based on Divisions 2, 3 and 4 of The Football League.
Rachel Pearse
FWM PR on behalf of The Football League
[email protected]

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2 Comments on Press Release From the Football League – Crowds are Up!

  1. I thought the Italian league had more audience than the coca cola championships…

  2. Papered over the drop in attendances in League One and Two shown in the stats at the foot of the article. I reckon season ticket holders at Prem teams should be given free entry to lower league football, subsidised by the Prem teams. Just glad Blues are one of them. KRO

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