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Unbeaten in ten, though you wouldn’t know it, if you simply relied upon the ‘Official’ Blues website.  The two matches against Coventry are missing on the ‘Results’ list.  The previous rounds are there, so it’s not as simple as ‘You’re just looking at League results’… Oh dear.  Anyway, let’s go for eleventh heaven Saturday…
Sheffield Wednesday have the sum of zero players who have had the honour of donning the royal blue shirt of St Andrews’ finest!  So, my article plumps for the ‘angle’ of the ‘axe to grind’ Monk seemed to have with Pep.  The fact is, Monk should – in my view – have kept schtum about his feelings, right or wrong, as he made himself look damned unprofessional with his comments about Pep in a Press Conference, not to mention refusing to shake his hand on two occasions.  You would hope he’d change his attitude for the St Andrews game, but we’ll see.  His arrogance may mean he sticks to his guns, and continues to look unprofessional.  Surely he must see it is a distraction for his squad, who want him to focus on them?  Maybe he’ll turn things around and realise the error of his ways?  I won’t be booing him, but I can see why some people might choose to… I won’t be cheering him either, to be fair.  As he didn’t exactly leave us with fond memories; allegations he put his friendship with an agent above us, and the way he’s treated our current manager for instance, I am not sure he deserves cheering, despite his steering us to an ‘excellent’ 19th placed finish in his first season with us.  Even I saw how he turned us around, but maybe any rational manager could have done the same, in the circumstances.  I won’t say I’m ungrateful.  We could – of course – have ended up relegated under a different manager, but he could have ended up jobless without our club.  It’s all what-ifs…
Clotet’s tenure has now garnered thirteen wins, and his ‘win ratio’ has elevated to a high of 35.1%.  It made me ponder on Monk’s success with us…nineteen wins in fifty nine (Clotet has only had thirty seven), and he left us with a win-ratio of only 32.2%.  Interestingly, given the tenuous position he appears to be in, he now has a 36.7% win ratio at Sheffield Wednesday, which perhaps tells us more about how well he did initially, given their awful recent run, falling from 3rd at Christmas…
Wednesday are presently sat in 12th, on 44 points.  We’re two places behind them, on the same amount of points, only 10 goals worse off.  A win would see us leapfrog them.  A draw or a defeat obviously wouldn’t.  A win could see us elevated to 12th, but a defeat could see us sink to 17th.
Anyway, on to my ‘title piece’.  It’s nothing – really – to do with Adam Reach, but he’s the closest name I could find in their squad, to Alvin.  Sorry Adam.  Please don’t score against us, today 😉
Monk started managing Blues on 4th March 2018 (he was sacked on 18th June 2019), and oversaw the following results.  I’m going to put in brackets how Pep has matched them, if – indeed – he’s had the opportunity.  Bearing in mind he’s had a lot less games to do so.  It’ll be a slightly better marker than the marginally better win ratio Pep currently enjoys…
4 March 2018
Middlesbrough (H) Lost 0-1
Cardiff (A) Lost 3-2 (Lost 4-2 EQUAL)
Hull (H) Won 3-0
Ipswich (H) Won 1-0
Bolton (A) Won 0-1
Burton (H) Drew 1-1
Bristol C (A) Lost 3-1 (Won 3-1 PEP)
Wolves (A) Lost 2-0
Sheffield U (H) Won 2-1
QPR (A) Lost 3-1
Fulham (H) Won 3-1 (Lost 1-0 MONK)
Norwich (H) Drew 2-2
Middlesbrough (A) Lost 1-0 (Drew 1-1 PEP)
Reading (A) Lost 2-0 (Won 2-3 PEP)
Swansea (H) Drew 0-0
Bolton (A) Lost 1-0
Notts Forest (A) Drew 2-2 (Lost 3-0 MONK)
QPR (H) Drew 0-0 (Lost 0-2 MONK)
WBA (H) Drew 1-1 (Lost 2-3 MONK)
Sheffield U (A) Drew 0-0
Leeds (A) Won 1-2 (Lost 1-0 MONK)
Ipswich (H) Drew 2-2
Brentford (A) Drew 1-1 (Won 0-1 PEP)
Rotherham (H) Won 3-1
Stoke (A) Won 0-1
Reading (H) Won 2-1
Sheffield Wednesday (H) Won 3-1
Derby (A) Lost 3-1 (Lost 3-2 EQUAL)
Hull (H) Drew 3-3
Villa (A) Lost 4-2
Millwall (A) Won 0-2
Preston (H) Won 3-0 (Lost 0-1 MONK)
Bristol C (H) Lost 0-1 (Drew 1-1 PEP)
Blackburn (A) Drew 2-2 (Drew 1-1 EQUAL)
Wigan (A) Won 0-3 (Lost 1-0 MONK)
Stoke (H) Won 2-0 (Won 2-1 EQUAL)
Brentford (H) Drew 0-0 (Drew 1-1 EQUAL)
Sheffield Wednesday (A) Drew 1-1 (Drew 1-1 EQUAL)
West Ham (A) Lost 2-0
Middlesbrough (H) Lost 1-2 (Won 2-1 PEP)
Norwich (A) Lost 3-1
Swansea (A) Drew 3-3 (Lost 3-0 MONK)
Notts Forest (H) Won 2-0 (Won 2-1 EQUAL)
QPR (A) Won 3-4
Bolton (H) Lost 0-1
Blackburn (H) Drew 2-2 (Won 1-0 and 2-1 PEPx2)
Bristol C (A) Won 1-2
Hull (A) Lost 2-0 (Lost 3-0 EQUAL)
Villa (H) Lost 0-1
Millwall (H) Lost 0-2 (Drew 1-1 PEP)
Preston (A) Lost 1-0
West Brom (A) Lost 3-2
Leeds (H) Won 1-0 (Lost 4-5 MONK)
Sheffield U (H) Drew 1-1
Ipswich (A) Drew 1-1
Derby (H) Drew 2-2
Rotherham (A) Won 1-3
Wigan (H) Drew 1-1 (Lost 2-3 MONK)
Reading (A) Drew 0-0 (Won 2-3 PEP)
The above suggests that we’ve equalled Monk’s results on eight occasions.  Not bad, considering there are those suggesting Monk is far superior to Pep.  The ‘acid test’ though surely is how much better one is than the other.  Interestingly, both have done well in certain matches, that the other hasn’t…however, there can be only one ‘winner’…  Pep came out on top in ten of his encounters to date, bettering Monk’s performance in the same fixture previously. Monk came out on top in ten of his encounters to date….lol.  So can there be only one winner?  There sure can.  Today’s match becomes a ‘winner takes all’…You should note that the last time we played Sheffield Wednesday at home, we won 3-1…we haven’t lost to them under Monk or Pep…oh dear…
…I think I’m going slightly off my rocker, but I’m predicting a 3-0 thrashing of the Owls at home…what a hoot!  Goals from Juke, Gardner and Mrabti in the predicted absence of Hogan…
This article will be featured in Saturday’s ‘Made In Brum’ fanzine…

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5 Comments on Adam Reach and the PepMonk

  1. Super analysis this. This site gets better with enjoyment backed up by fact. Short comment but true.

  2. Again, no reference made to the fact that Monk had two windows under a virtual embargo with no money to spend (Pederson being the only exception). Pep has had two without embargo and money to spend. You need to consider this to make any meaningful comparison.

  3. Thanks for the replies all. Monk is arrogant, no doubt about it. Mitchell, too kind. Patrick, loving the family name. His lack of professionalism will hopefully result in zero points to his team. Monty, you’re right, I didn’t mention the embargo. Or the points deduction. I let the results do the talking. It may well be that Pep has had a slightly freer hand, but he hasn’t had Che Adams to utilise. Overall, win ratio is what’s on Wikipedia to judge them. Pep leads slightly. The results are what remain in the history books. Context gets lost, but Pep, we’ve been arguing, had been crying out for a striker all season until Hogan came in…on a free. Yes, he signed up to his position but so did Monk.

    Keep Right On.

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