Simply Not Good Enough

So what is it about Blues, we seem to love re-starting the season for struggling teams. Wigan hadn’t won a game away before today, but they have now done the double over us. We should be winning these games.

So here’s a statistic. Out of the last 36 available points, we have picked up 6 – yes 6, one win and 3 draws. Even if you strip out the two games we were expected to lose against Albion and Leeds, that’s still 6 from 30 or a 20% return. The only other side, other than us, that haven’t won a game in their last 5 are Luton and they are rock bottom.

I don’t get to many games because of living in Devon and a lack of finances, however I have seen a number of games this season. While we play decent football when we have the ball, two things strike me as I review our just over half way point in the season. Firstly, we don’t create anywhere near enough chances. Out of those low number of chances we have, we don’t score enough. Ironically we have scored goals in our last two games, a total of 6, you could argue it’s 8 – because in both games we have given the opposition a goal. This brings me onto my 2nd observation, our defense is like a sieve. When we are being attacked, we look like conceding. That is a huge issue when you don’t score many goals, (normally!)

I admire what Pep Clotet is trying to do. He’s trying to make us into a footballing side. Although get stuck in tactics are successful in this league – generally the top two teams ARE decent footballing sides. Leeds Utd and West Brom definitely are. So if Clotet CAN make us play football, we do have a chance of being competitive. However to do that we need a creative midfielder and a striker who scores regularly. The board sanctioned the sales of the last two players who did these jobs without effectively replacing them. Without these players it is a risk, a bit like playing Casinos. However this guide to new casino sites 2020 for UK players should help that. You could try LuckyVegas after reading it.

The truth of the matter is, we’re not good enough to play the way the board, and in truth the fans, would like without serious investment. That clearly isn’t going to happen with the recent “financial fair play” issues we had. As a result, if things stay as they are – we are only going in one direction and that’s downward. Our form at the moment IS relegation form. If we continue with the same rate of points, we will end up with 42 points – dead certain for the drop.

Even if we continue picking up Clotet’s average return of around 30%, we will only get another 6 and I still don’t think 48 will be enough. On that return, it is 29.6%. Redknapp had a better return than that, just. Cotterill, Zola and Clark were worse. You have to go back to Garry Pendrey to find the next manager who had a less than 30% return.

Is it Pep’s fault? I don’t know, I’m just pointing out some facts. Certainly some of his team selections recently have been odd. Is that to do with injury? Possibly, or may be “outside influence?” Which brings me to the board / owners.

The truth is when you compare us to other clubs, other boards / owners communicate with the fans. That hardly happens at Blues these days, other than the supporter forums. There are positives of course, the club has a great record visiting sick kids and so on – which is brilliant. However fans should be told some of what’s happening – we get nothing. Carson Young was good at that, before his imprisonment. I have made this point before, the board needs to engage with the fans better. The fans are the only constant in a football club, you hack them off, you have issues.

So back to the football, we have Luton away, Cardiff at home and Boro away as our next three games. Failure to pick up anything from those 3 games, which you have to say IS likely, will probably see us very close to the relegation zone, if not in it. Once we’re sucked into it – with our frailties, we will have problems.

Something HAS to change now. Whether that’s a commitment to investment for new players, (which is very unlikely), a management change, a more defensive style or whatever – but we CANNOT continue in the same vein and expect to stay up – it’s not going to happen.


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  1. I see you also are an exiled Bluenose in Devon. I suspect that, like me, you are restricted to seeing Blues on Sky’s red button service. Care to join me in campaigning to have the red button discontinued? It’s becoming far too painful.

  2. I don’t think the average Bluenose doubts what Pep’s intentions are, however to give you this analogy ,it’s like asking a Head Chef to prepare a 5* banquet with generally sub standard produce. Of course there are exceptions, but the boards remit is unrealistic without a long term funding strategy. We have made some studious signings, but generally you get what you pay for. Why we let the likes of Morrison go beggars belief. The feeling now is generally once we go a goal down it’s game over.

  3. The truth of the matter is, we’re not good enough to play the way the board, and in truth the fans, would like without serious investment,

    I 100% agree with the above, you dont get a porche for the price of a peugeot!!

    watching nice football is great but the passing has to have purpose and give you a forward motion, not backwards or sideways.

    even the top 2 lump it at times in a game, its just at the right times

    we look confused, we have lost our identity and are now stuck in the middle


  4. It is our defending as a team which is dreadful – we really don’t have a clue
    That is a coaching issue

  5. The defence is shocking. The defence of the midfield players is shocking. It. Is Zola all over again.

  6. Our problem is that we generally have a disconnect with the club. We expect defeat the majority of the time with this Kamikaze approach made by the hierarchy. No blame with Clotet as he is merely carrying out a pie in the Sky dream of getting into the Premier League. We have League One players at best and not one of our current squad,except for Bellingham,has improved at all this season under the current management. Says it all.

  7. Just an addendum to the above- hope you don’t mind me making the odd comment etc. Such a nice change to simply make a comment as opposed to writing the articles on VF.

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