No Favours at the Window

Here is Dale’s latest article, not a surprise that it is about the transfer window! Enjoy.


Considering we’re constantly being told to spend our way out of a global recession, the January transfer window does anything but contribute to a financial solution. To tell the London stock exchange that trading can only take place during the summer and for a month in January would have unprecedented effects. Yet here we are, witnessing its ability to inflate, restrict and limit business and for what? The Lisbon treaty was met with such vile protest at 10 Downing Street and the euro sceptics arrived in their masses. I need not draw similarities to this ridiculous FIFA regulation drawn up by a governing body who seems intent on damaging the domestic game from there control obsessed offices in Zurich.

Managers constantly bemoan of the restrictions that the January transfer window brings. Since 2002 we have seen teams buy players at astronomical prices well above their value. Is it any wonder why now, attention seems to be turning to the debt ridden clubs that have been subject to Sepp Blatter’s ingenious invention? Some argue that the transfer window creates a spark of brief excitement, anticipation of what superstar will arrive at the club. The adrenaline of a deadline to meet and its supposed exhilaration tuning into sky sports news or flicking through the back pages of an ill informed tabloid that seems to link your club with every footballer with an extravagant name. In reality, seldom does such a period of time produce such little results. This year has seen the most boring, frustrating and inadequate transfer period its pathetic 7 year lifetime.

Blues didn’t help themselves. Announcing a war chest of twenty to forty million pounds at our disposal made securing a player for a reasonable price, if there is such a thing, simply unfathomable. All this triggered was clubs bumping up asking prices at any slightest hint of Blues interest. For Spurs to ask for more than £10m for a player who has hardly featured this season and hope to recoup nearly £14m they paid for him speaks volumes. We revealed our hand and in the case of Pavlyuchenko it may well have meant Tottenham could hold on in the hope we would cough up the money they knew we had! As frustrating as this January transfer window has been it also goes to show that McLeish really is a man based on morals. His responsible approach may not have seen a big money striker arrive down St. Andrews but it has maintained fundamental business principles. We have money but we will not be forced into spending it if the price is not right. For the remainder of the season we have placed our faith on the unpredictable Benitez, Cameron Jerome and the veteran Kevin Phillips. What’s the betting on a few more goalless draws and 1-0 wins before the end of the season? However, I for one will not be complaining should it see us secure a top half finish.

Dale Moon

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2 Comments on No Favours at the Window

  1. Mr Moon,

    I’d be out of a job if the Stock Exchange only opened during the Summer and for the month of January!!!

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I think the majority of Blues fans will look at the current team, and be proud of them, whilst still recognising the lack of depth in the squad. Do we really want a big name “charlie” who will come along and be more interested in his own performance than that of the team. I see that as a sure fire way of wrecking what we have achieved. I would like to have seen a hungry young striker come in, but I think we have to trust Big Eck in his judgement.

    There are likely to be a lot osf players around this Summer, as the economics of the game polarise those with from those without. Best to spend wisely then, rather than be wasteful now.


  2. Dale,
    You make good points. Glad we did not spend big money at this time. A proven premier league striker at the right price would have been nice but not at the rates being sought at this last transfer window. I’m sick of the over-inflated prices and salary structures which are forcing clubs into debt and possible financial ruin. It’s not only this transfer window system that needs to be addressed but also how the clubs alow their finances to get so out of control

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