View from the South – It’s Nearly Time To Start Again!

I hope that all my fellow Bluenoses are enjoying this glorious summer. The close season certainly seems to have flown by, especially with the national team’s interest in the World Cup running so deep and oh so close! There was much to be upbeat and positive about and the re-engagement of England’s finest with the country’s support is indeed warmly welcomed!

As far as our beloved team is concerned, it has been a slow summer on the acquisition front; especially with the surprise announcement early doors that both our senior keepers were surplus to requirements. Connall Trueman has played in pre-season but it remains to be seen if Gary Monk will entrust a Championship campaign to him but despite the normal speculation there is no sign of a replacement keeper and no sign of the said senior keepers departing the club either.

Like many, I am beginning to become a little concerned that besides Kristian Pedersen, there is no obvious squad strengthening going on alongside appropriate pruning. Given how we struggled all last season, regardless of acquiring a better manager, common sense dictates that some enhancement along the spine of the team is required if we are not to have an indifferent time of it again. It could be that I’m completely wrong and that GM is going to put faith in the numerous youngsters we have striving to break through into the team. If so, let’s hope they’re ready.

However, The World Cup and transfer activity is not the main reason why I have picked up the digital pen. This morning I received the renewal season tickets for me and my gang and there was much fanfare and trumpeting about the new FastPay card which allows we as fans to load money onto the card for use at the ground for tickets, merchandise, food, drink etc. At first glance this struck me as a good idea and the information leaflet stated that it was important to activate the card prior to loading funds. I went on the appropriate web site to discover that the portal is not ready for activation of cards and therefore no funds can be loaded at the moment. This is disappointing and poor management of the scheme in my view and is an inauspicious start. Whilst reading the little information that is available, I was disturbed to see that at the end of the season, any monies still in the card’s account will have to be retrieved by the cardholder since after 31 May 2019, those finds will be wiped!

I can fully understand that loyalty points, which season ticket holders accrue during the year, have a deadline attached to them; they are in the club’s gift and control. However, it appears questionable that a customer’s hard currency, which is not, is subject to the same sort of sanction. I have two concerns about this; what is the legality surrounding just wiping an account carrying actual money rather than token credits when strictly it is not the club’s to wipe and secondly, what actually happens to any wiped funds?

I am not a lawyer and have no expertise in financial matters but if anyone can clarify the situation I, and – I am sure many other fans – would be very grateful. I can imagine the uproar from fans who either forgot or did not realise that they needed to empty their FastPay account at the end of the season, and ended up losing significant sums of money!

That having been said, I look forward to seeing everyone at St Andrews for the visit of Norwich City in a couple of weeks!

Bazza KRO

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  1. As a Bluenose in the south, St ives Cornwall,i seem to get to less and less games every year.Born in 72 and named after Trevor Francis,i was brought up on the kop. G12. I remember driving up for weekends,staying at my mums in Kings Norton and sitting in the Main stand due to the unfinished Tilton and Kop under Barry Fry.I still have the tickets from when we played the mighty Chester and York! It is hard to be a bluenose,but I am hopeful of period of stability.I think promotion is a distant dream but if we stick with Monk I don’t fear relegation. Hey,worse teams than us have knocked on the door of the play offs.

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