The Gallagher Impact

So mention the name Gallagher to people of my age, and they will immediately remember a strapping centre back who was a key player for Blues in the 70’s. However in this post, I want to discuss our latest Gallagher – Sam.

Our recent improvement is due to a number of factors, however without doubt us scoring some goals is a key one! Goals has been an issue for us, and was really poor in the first half of the season – however we have started to score a few now and clearly Sam has played a key part of that.

Gallagher has scored 7 goals, 6 in the league and 1 in the cup. He has played 25 games and started
18. In all he has played 1625 minutes. 6 of his 7 goals have come in the last 10 games and his last 4 in the last 8. A goal every other game while is a definite improvement, does give further reason why we are in the bottom half.

He has scored all of his goals inside of the box. This reinforces the need for us to improve our crossing. For me this is a part of our game that we still don’t do well. I hope that the coaching team are spending time on this, because if the box is his feeding ground – he needs the food. Hmm, not sure that works as an explanation, but you get my drift.

Anyway, lets hope Sam continues to find the back of the net to aid our climb away from trouble. His next chance is against Millwall on Saturday. You can bet on this, and the forthcoming World Cup at NetBet Sport.

I’m pleased that Che is on his way back. At the moment if Gallagher got injured – it is a struggle to see where our goals would come from. Although he clearly isn’t match fit yet, at least he is starting to get game time. His availability and fitness is critical, especially as it looks very unlikely that Vassell will feature again this season.


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  1. I dont think gallagher was 100% fit. Over the last couple of months or so he has shown that extra turn of pace and close control (Ask john terry when he left his on his backside!!) Pity he didnt finish that chance but its typical of blues luck at times.

  2. Spot on about Gallagher. His continuing fitness could be crucial, especially if Adams doesn’t get match fit soon enough, and with the likely continued absence of Vassell. Feed the Horse and he will score was a more catchy anthem than yours Kev ;O) KRO.

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