An Improvement Under Cotterill

On the 29th September last year, Steve was appointed as Blues manager replacing Harry Redknapp. There has been murmurings of whether he is up to the task or not. Some are still saying he isn’t and we should replace him.

Since Steve took over the reigns, we have played 21 league games and 3 cup games. In the league we have won 6 drew 4 and lost 11 giving us a total of 22/63 points. That doesn’t sound so great, an average of just over a point per game.

However in the last 10 games, we have definitely played better and there are signs of improvement. Although the record over all the games isn’t great – I believe we have turned a corner. There is no doubt we should have hammered Preston, but at least we didn’t lose, something that would have previously. In the cup we managed to hold a premier league side at their ground, and we would have beat them at St Andrews if we had played a full strength side. The scoreline absolutely flattered them.

It is no surprise that as Cotterill has been able to field a pretty unchanged side over the last few weeks, the results have looked better. If we can get Adams fully match fit, then I do think we have enough to get out of trouble. Defeating Sunderland was an important result, and despite the defeat to the near neighbours – we are at the moment out of the bottom 3.

Of course the important games come thick and fast now. We have a tough match on Saturday against Millwall and we will miss Ndoye in the middle. At least Maghoma looks like he is available quicker than expected. Cardiff did us a favour last night beating Bolton, who had also seen some improvement. This year’s relegation battle is going to involve teams up to Reading, so 7 sides for 3 places. I think that Burton and Barnsley are going down. Although Sunderland have been poor, I wouldn’t bet against them staying up. Hull also look poor and Reading have only won once in the last 5.

We have Barnsley at the end of this month. 6 points from Millwall and Barnsley would give us 36 points. We also still have Hull and Burton to play at home. They are both 6 pointers and winning them I think would just about secure our safety. Of course we also have to travel to Bolton and we need to avoid defeat ideally, although I’m convinced that Bolton will stay up anyway.

Although Sunday’s result didn’t go as planned, I’m feeling a lot more positive and feel like the football odds will be in our favour at the end of the season. We may not have had the best results this season, but we still remain one of the most passionate fan-bases in England and cheer on our team every week.  At almost every ground in the country you’ll regularly hear adaptations of chants such as ‘Glory Glory’ and ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’. These generic chants are interchangeable for every club, but there are a few chants which are specific to certain clubs

If you feel like you know a lot about these football chants (both team specific and in general) then give this quiz a go. See how many you can get correct.


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6 Comments on An Improvement Under Cotterill

  1. “we will miss Ndoye in the middle” ..really , at what point of the season have you ever seen him play well . The defeat wasn’t really the issue on Sunday it was the complete and utterly gutless performance and the way we were completely outclassed by a far far superior team with a manager who had the balls to change tactics in second half and got the just deserts. SC on the other hand sat on his hands and mumbled about how good they were compared to us . Rubbish ,we reverted to form and the four games previous were a complete freak and nothing to to do with SC .I think you are clutching at straws .The mere fact you say we will miss Bambi NDoye in the middle says alot .No team would miss him ever,no one ever. Hes that bad .Jota as about as useful too , guy just wastes ball after ball and adds very little . Cant see where goals are coming from to win us games. Luckily other teams are worse (somehow)

  2. ndoye is the worst player I have i have seen at the blues since richie moran and dean peer. The guy is awful!!! YOU ARE TALKING OUT OF YOUR GREALISH!

  3. Every time N’doye is in the starting line up, we start with 10 men. I do believe he has passion for the game, unfortunately, he lacks skill. He, certainly, is not good enough to play in professional football. Steve Cotterill has got the team, playing better over the last few weeks, he now needs to learn how and when to use substitutes.

  4. I find it interesting that even in a sport of opinions, fans can suggest Ndoye ‘isn’t good enough to play in professional football’.

    Two goals for the Senegalese National Team. Hardly an amateur?

    He was bought by Redknapp, and relegated Jota and Gardner to the bench under Cotterill. Both obviously inferior in managerial and scouting skills to Guardiola, John, Walker, Stu and their Champions League winning ‘ilk’. Sure, he’s no world beater, but that’s why he signed for CHAMPIONSHIP Birmingham City. He’s not being hounded by Premier League teams because he can flatter to deceive, but he’s also capable of some great possession, some good passes, and some strength in the middle of the pitch, which have seen us win some games, when he’s started. I don’t understand the need for Blues fans to slate one player to the ‘n’th degree all the time. Like him or not, he’s OBVIOUSLY good enough to have been signed by OUR club and picked by OUR manager. Good enough for me. Our team loses matches, our team wins matches. I cheer them all on.

  5. There is absolutely no way that N’doye is the worse player seen at Blues. What a totally ridiculous comment. I accept you don’t think he is good enough, I also accept he has had poor games for us – I think he has improved I has been decent at times. It he the best player no he isn’t but the worse ever – that comment is just… well stupid.

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