The Board Need to be Brave

I am pretty easy going and I am also prepared to give people a chance, and I have been quiet on the subject up to now in the hope that things would turn around. I write this in a calm reflective manner, and not an emotional one despite us losing at home to one of the relegation favourites. The purpose of this blog is to say, we need to make a change.

While it is true that we were unfortunate against Leeds and we dug in well at Wolves, (although they just happened to be worse than us that night), the truth is – for whatever reason – Zola’s appointment simply is not working. People are saying we are playing better football – that is true (some of the time), however we aren’t scoring goals and we are conceding goals that makes us a worse team not a better one.

We are probably safe already this season even if we carry this form through to May, however next season we will be favourites for the drop. I say this because I just can’t see how Zola can change things. We just CANNOT allow us being relegation fodder to happen.

The board made a very brave decision sacking Rowett and it would have looked genius if Zola had turned us into promotion candidates – but that hasn’t happened. We have ended plummeting down the league with an appalling record. We have never been a sacking club, managers have always been given a chance but this time the board need to make a 2nd brave decision and sack Zola. A new manager will have the comfort that we are safe, but will be able to get us ready for next season.

Be brave BCFC, look for a new manager now.


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  1. I completely agree,the team is rudderless,lacking basic organisation,We are in very serious danger of being dragged into a relegation fight,Zola has. Proven he can’t lift the players, blues board,bite the bullet act now,sack Zola

  2. I agree. I don’t so much think it’s a case of bravery though, more being pragmatic and sensible. Our results have been worse than under Lee Clarke and he had a team of journeymen and free transfers. Zola wasn’t and still isn’t a decent manager, yes he’s a nice guy but I like to think of myself as a nice guy but wouldn’t expect to be given a job as a pro football manager.

  3. I’m in total agreement Kev. This has to be seen as a critical moment in our season. Other results were unfortunate or against ‘better’ teams. This was against a poor team, on our own turf, and with ‘only’ two players unavailable. That’s no worse than any other team has to deal with. Why we persisted with the defence that shipped three goals against Leeds (and the one against Wolves!) I’m clueless to know. Why our top scorer was sat on the bench at kick off is beyond me. Yes, he may not be fit yet, but – if so – he shouldn’t be on the bench. Simple. Clark and Rowett were capable of taking the players they had at their disposal and enabling them to batter sides from time to time. Some teams turned us over, as happens to all teams upon occasion (cf. Arsenal tonight) but we’re rapidly becoming the whipping boys of the division. Zola HAS TO take the blame for that. He took the job, shipped out players he didn’t want, brought in new players and has been in charge of moulding them into the style he wants. Yes, we’ve all seen shoots of good performances, but we need an edge of ruthlessness that is totally lacking. A solid defence should have been a bare minimum but is absent. Failing that, a potent threat in front of goal. We couldn’t even score against lowly Wigan, who have shipped 41 goals this season. Shocking. I’ve been the same as Kev (perhaps a little more critical if I’m honest) but the time for patience has gone. The Board needs to bring in a more capable manager. Today. That gives them 52 minutes as I type.

  4. I have been watching Blues home and away for 50 years and there have been some pretty dire Blues teams and individual players over the years. For the first time ever I left before the end tonight, I couldn’t bear to watch any more, for some reason I was really angry and you can ask anyone who knows me I will defend the wrags, sorry local term, the Blues whatever, but I can’t defend these recent performances. I was getting butterflies every time the ball came into our half, its been like that for the past few games, its agony. What on earth was wrong with Shotten tonight. Why are we not playing the Arsenal lad, why the same team again when everyone can see there are glaring weaknesses to correct.

  5. Not so sure we are safe mate.. Can’t see us winning another game under this clown. it must be a part of the master plan to get relegated this season… It must be!!

  6. Common Zola, stand up and admit it, you got it wrong. OK you jumped at the opportunity to be manager, can’t blame you for that, but you should not have started to tinker and mess around with a team half way thru’ a season that were performing, not brilliantly but were adequate and comfortable and knew what they were about. They were set up to creep into the play-offs. The only issue they had was not scoring enough to make things comfortable and injuries and these were the only issues you should have set about until the end of the season when you would have had plenty of time, and by the looks of it, plenty of financial support, to change as much as you like and arrange all the friendlies you needed to get the team playing as you want them, not experimenting now with shapes and styles of football totally foreign to the players we currently have. You can’t expect our Championship and League One basic players to be playing like Arsenal and Chelsea overnight and bolting on two or three unknown players with good ball skills is not going to change them, if anything its made things worse, the midfield and defence now leak like a sieve. We now make more passes, have more possession, have more free kicks go our way, win more corners and have far more shots on goal, but, we still can’t score (still not convinced about the ‘Juke’), give the ball away more, make more mistakes, have more scrambles, panics and near misses in our own penalty area and concede more goals. I am baffled by some of our substitutions and why the same players get picked time and time again. Come on Zola, be the big man and walk away and take your invisible backroom staff with you (do they ever stand up, do they ever speak). Sorry to go on, I have lots more to moan about just needed to tell someone else because the wife is getting fed up with me going on all the time.

  7. Can’t see how you can say we are safe. Far from it we are certain for the drop at the moment

  8. Get rid now. There’s a cracking young Manager available called Gary Rowett. Not even Joking. Give him the job, give him the Summer transfer money and let’s get back up to the top 6 for next year.

    I can’t even tell you how simple the solution is.

  9. We play and loose.. We play badly and loose. We play good sides and loose.. We play very poor sides and loose. We’re sliding into oblivion and no one seems concerned enough to put the breaks on. Very, very worried now. Bet we hear nothing coming out of the club regarding Zola until we drift inevitably and hopelessly into our next defeat!!

  10. The owners must have more money than we thought if they can afford to loose millions when we get relegated. I think three draws would be enough to stop up but can’t honestly see us even getting that. If Zola is kept in place we’re down for certain because we won’t get another point. He hasn’t even got a clue never mind any answers!

  11. When Rowett was sacked and Zola appointed I asked one question: who made the decision?
    My point being who at the club (claimed to?) knew enough about English Championship football to make that decision? Was it the board from China? Pavlos? Or did they seek advice from a third party? Because as soon as Zola is out of the door that person needs to follow him. If you want to change a functional but unspectacular team into a free flowing attractive one you need a pre-season, and wholesale personnel changes. I know I speak with hindsight but to me that seemed obvious.
    I agree we are probably safe, there are just about enough teams below us.
    One final question, how much will it cost to sack Zola?

  12. what really upset me last night we were 1 0 down our own goal keeper was so slow taking goal kicks I thought we were winning. was davis playing never noticed him Shotton looked like a rabbit in headlights the only one to come out with credit was Robinson it was just like the Lee Clark days again

  13. We will be great next season. We will win some games under Zola. We will score goals.

    The problem is, it will be in LEague One.

    I am getting convinced, now, that we will go down. We won’t win again this season. And I was quite excited when Zola first arrived, and was never a big Rowett fan (too boring). But Zola’s management is ridiculous, in fact, beyond ridiculous.

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