League or cup?

On Saturday we face Bolton in an FA Cup quarter final which if we win will take us to Wembley again.  Now some are saying that as we’ve already won a cup this season we should effectively throw this game by playing the reserves so our key players can concentrate on the league.  Others think that winning cups is far more important than all the money gained from Premiership survival.

So for this weeks poll the question is. If we could win one gain against Bolton would you prefer it to be on Saturday or in the league on April 2nd?

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14 Comments on League or cup?

  1. The league match without a doubt.
    We need to stay in the PL as the loss of revenue being relegated to the championship would cause would be disastrous.
    We can’t go on being a yo-yo club with the uncertainty that brings. Let’s face it, there’s no guarantee we would bounce back up at the first attempt again.
    We truly need to consolidate our league standing in the prem & go on the hunt for further trophies at a later date, IMO.

  2. Just put a weak team agaist bolton and just focus on the league. One trophy is enough for us. KRO

  3. Unfortunately, I think a lot of Blues fans have developed an ‘England 66’ mentality.

    Because England have won the World Cup, they’re under the impression that they’re one of the greatest International football teams and should be looking to win everything they enter. Alas, it’s not the case.

    It’s the same with Blues.

    Because we’ve won the League Cup this year, which was an amazing achievement but a very unlikely one, they believe we can go on and win the FA Cup. That’s very improbable indeed.

    I would much rather take the much, much needed 3 points against Bolton in the league than take a cup win over them. Relegation, regardless of ‘parachute payments’, will see us lose the core of our team. We’ll have to start from the ground up and immediate promotion may not be forthcoming.

    Taking a League Cup trophy and securing the league status in the greatest league in the world would be an amazing season for us. Better than we could ever have hoped. Let’s not get greedy.

  4. I would rather the 3 points in the league of course but above that I’d rather beat them in both competitions … Afterall winning is a good habit to get into.

    I don’t buy this concentrating on one competition – try to win every game you play !

  5. League all the way. With the injuries we have, there’s no point in pushing it. We have won a cup. That’ll do me. Let’s just count our blessings and save our best players from getting broken. Ridgewell, ferguson, Johnson we need them.

    One step at a time. Let’s take what we have already won.

    We don’t have the luxury of being comfy half way up the league. WE ARE IN THE RELEGATION ZONE. There is only one answer.

  6. This question is based on the false premise that we can only win one game if we are lucky.

    What a defeatist attitude, we can win both games with the right attitude. If we make decisions not even to try, a la Houllier, then we deserve to get what Villa got by focussing on their league game which was nothing.

    Come on you Blues.

  7. @Shardend…I disagree. To me it’s about us being willing to push harder at a time when our players are beginning to get injured across the board. If we push hard in the cup and get even more injuries…..bad news…and it’s already started. Jiranek now too. Nothing to do with which one we go for more on the basis of a lucky win.

    The reason houllier is a foollier is that they needed to show ambition off the back of our win. We don’t need to. The lads have already made history with the cup. Something that the vile hate. THATS why houlliers decision to play a weakened team was bad. We couldnt repeat that even if we wanted.

  8. There are no guarantees that playing a weakened team against Bolton will give us any edge in our next match against Wigan.
    I’d prefer us to make the best use of the fit members of the squad that we do have, and try to win every game, regardless of the competition.
    Progression in the Cup & staying in the Premiership are not mutually exclusive.

  9. It’s not just about the next game after Bolton. It’s about having a decent squad for the rest of the season, and giving us the best chance to start next season in the premiership. Last week really took it out of our squad. You could see it against the baggies.

    Just look at our remaining squad. Dann out, Johnson doubtful, Jiranek doubtful, ferguson doubtful, Ridgewell doubtful, Gardner doubtful, McFadden still out, hleb out.

    They need resting. Another cup run must be seen as a luxury….that we don’t realistically have.

  10. Sorry Bumpy but I have to agree with ShardEnd on this one. Why assume we can only beat Bolton once. Let’s go into each game with the attitude that we are going to win and let’s actually believe and try to win.

    Otherwise, I have to ask, where do we draw the line? We have a league match against Chelsea soon. Should we assume that (at this stage of the season) we are unlikely to win so, we should rest our better players to save them for more winnable matches or, should we go all out to beat Chelsea for a second time this season?

    I say we should treat every match as though it is the most important match of the season because, in fact, it is.

  11. You are entitled to your view. And I get it…Any other time I would be in total agreement.

    I just think with how things stand, that we are in danger of collapsing. It’s simple maths. The more games we play, the more likely we are of continued exhaustion, and I saw it on Saturday. They are starting to fall like cards. If we drop down to the championship then we won’t even end up in Europe. Johnson said this week that he will stay to play in Europe.

    I am just looking at the bigger picture….but ultimately my view will count for nothing…we’ll just have to see what eck does…..

  12. @shardend and Taz. Of course we all want to win both games but the point of the question is to find out what people’s priorities are. It wouldn’t be much of a poll if the question was “Do you want Blues to win every game yes or no” and there wouldn’t be any discussions based on it.

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