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Pull the Hudder One…
(Article Adapted From One Featured In This Weekend’s Made In Brum Magazine)
After a massive ‘blip’ we’re back ‘on track’ on another mini-unbeaten-run.  Long may it continue, starting today against Huddersfield Town AFC.
We’re presently four points and two places above Chris Powell’s Town team.  We won the corresponding fixture this season, 1-0, away at The John Smith’s stadium, which surely puts us down as favourites for our home tie!
David Edgar provides the only Blue link at Huddersfield, but he’s ineligible to play against us, as his ‘parent team’…  Nahki Wells and Harry Bunn will be the players to look out for, with a good return of nine goals a piece in the league.  Talking about ‘parent team’, we’ve sent Callum Reilly out on loan to Burton, and Will Packwood has gone out to Cheltenham.  Both I would hope will still be around next season, with Rowett just giving them some competitive football to close the season out, while they’re behind older professionals in the pecking order this season.
Interesting that both players – proven in the Championship – have been sent to such lower league teams.  It’ll bring out their leadership and hopefully give them guaranteed starting places…
Rowett Watch:
Gary Rowett’s first 22 matches – cup and league – DWDWWLWWLWWWDLDDDLDLLWWD – TEN WINS, EIGHT DRAWS, SIX LOSSES.  What we’d have given for that when he took over, eh?
We’re unbeaten in three, Huddersfield, on the other hand, have lost their last three straight matches.  For that reason, it makes you pause, knowing Blues, but I’ll go for a 3-0 win, as Blues continue their momentum, with goals from Donaldson, Davis and Cotterill…getting his double against Huddersfield this season.
Here’s the latest on some targets I set in an earlier article…
1) To finish higher than 21st in the table – presently 14th TARGET PENDING.
2) We must win more than 2 matches at home. SEVEN home matches won, so far.  TARGET MET.
3) 12 (or more) TOTAL wins this season.  One match left to win with this in mind. TARGET PENDING.
4) We must lose twelve or less home games this season.  After six home defeats, and with only five home matches left, TARGET MET.
5) We must lose 23 or less league games in total this season.  Having lost twelve of our thirty six matches so far, and with only ten games left, TARGET MET.
6) We need to reach 45 or more points this season.  As we’re currently on 46 points!  TARGET MET.
7) We need to score more than 58 goals, home and away.  Forty Two goals in total scored so far means there are 16 goals to go before we meet this target. TARGET PENDING.
8) We need to let in less than the huge FORTY goals we shipped at home last season…We’ve let in 26 goals at home, so TARGET PENDING.
9) We should aim to finish in the fourth round of both cup competitions.  TARGET FAILED.
10) We should aim to field less than forty one different players, this season.  We’ve fielded 31 so far.  TARGET PENDING.
11) Eleven maximum loan signings ‘allowed’ We have used five loan signings so far including Kiernan and Tesche.  TARGET PENDING.
12) We need a top scorer with 11 league goals or more, and to score 12 or more in all competitions…
Top Scorer: 13 goals scored by Donaldson, twelve in the league, so TARGET MET.
13) We’re aiming for an average league attendance of 15,458 or more. 28,438 against the Baggies surely sets us up for beating this target comfortably.  15,111 against Blackpool was low, but we should have more in today.  TARGET PENDING.
14) Lowest gate last season was 7,470 (against Swansea) Our lowest gate this season is 9,816 against Cambridge in the Capital One Cup.  TARGET PENDING.
15) Highest gate last season was 23,497 (against Forest)  We’ve beaten that, with our 28,438 attendance against West Brom, so TARGET MET.
16) Our HOME goal difference last season was -11.  We’re aiming to have a home goal difference that is -10 or better. We’re at minus five now, so we’re slightly ahead.  TARGET PENDING.
17) Last season we had some flat atmospheres at home.  Target: Make St Andrews a fortress again, increase the noise level, get behind our players and our new management team.  TARGET MET.
18) Last season we ‘only’ had one manager. We’ve had two so far this season. Is this a target failed, or a target bettered? Time will tell….TARGET PENDING.
18 targets –
Let’s Keep Right On!
Russell Dempsey
This article is (not) sponsored by Ernst & Young, Purveyors of Directorial Marching Orders, by order of HRH Panos Pavlakis.
Made In Brum Magazine is sold outside the ground on all home matchdays, and some away games, and costs £1.50.  Many Thanks to the Editor, Big Dave Thomas for Permission to Reprint This Article.

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