MIB Swansea Part Two

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Well, here it is, the longest awaited home leg of all time.  Poor Swansea fans must have been praying for Bristol Rovers to do the business!  It’s nearer to home and – supposedly – an easier tie!

Last time out, we managed to hammer the Swans 3-1 (we had 60% possession!), with goals from Burn, Green and Adeyemi.  Not much chance of repeating the scorers, with two out injured and the other back at Fulham, but is there a chance of repeating the scoreline?

You’d have to err on the side of caution and say “Lightning doesn’t strike twice!” really, wouldn’t you?  A lot could depend on how likely Laudrup is to make wholesale changes again.  Last time, he changed ten players from the previous league game to face us and it was a decision he must have regretted.  That being said, it’s the prerogative of all Premiership managers to rotate their teams, to safeguard against injury and sheer discontent in what must be a much more experienced and costly squad than ours.

You’d have to fancy Doyle and Robinson to start the match, Reilly, Hancox, Caddis, Ferguson and Burke making up the numbers.  Seven players from our previous starting lineup seems to suggest we have still got enough in the tank to beat a reduced Swansea squad.  But how is the ‘full’ Swansea squad faring?  Laudrup is rumoured to be heading for the exit in the Summer, whatever this season’s outcome, which is shocking really, considering the difference he’s made to the club. The likes of Zigic weren’t even on the bench, though we’ve obviously got Albert Rusnak and Brian Howard in, in the last fortnight.

They knocked Man United out of the Cup to get to meet us, but in all fairness, it’s not the full strength United team.  Other than that, since losing to us in the Carling Cup – I mean Capital One Cup of course – they’ve progressed to the knockout stages of the Europa League (thanks Glais!), lost four home league games, lost five away league games, including Man United’s ‘revenge’ and couldn’t even manage to beat the Vile at Villa Park…and you know EVERYBODY beats the Vile at Villa Park under Lambert.  I shouldn’t gloat too much, we’re not the holders of ‘Fort’ status this season, are we?

Swansea are sitting in 15th in the Prem at present, a mere three points above relegation, yet only three points behind the Vile who seem curiously sat in tenth, for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that have been coming from the Vile Park Day Nursery at Bodymoor Heath.

Wilfried Bony would obviously be the man to look out for, after his 90th minute goal against us, denied us a clean sheet against Premier League opposition.

The mighty Blues have won two, lost two and drawn one of our last five, which reflects poorly on us when you take into account our proud unbeaten run ending at Brighton.

53% of our fans on BCFC.COM think we can go ‘far’ in the FA Cup this season.  43% say we won’t and 4% would ‘rather not say’.  I don’t quite understand why people who don’t want to say bother to vote in these things, but it certainly shows you just how muddled Blues fans seem to be at the moment.  We’re split pretty much 50/50 on blind optimism and melancholy.

I’m going to predict a 2-1 to our Blues, just because I feel like it! Goals from Novak and Howard.  Blind optimism?  You bet.

Keep Right On!

Russell Dempsey

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6 Comments on MIB Swansea Part Two

  1. Poor old Swansea City beat Man Utd on their own turf in the Last round and poor old Blues are sitting 17th and heading for Division One so it seems. It’s a FA Cup tie and yes you do have a chance, but keep in mind the Swans are playing much better away from home than at home which is to our advantage and 4 of our injured player will be fit for Saturday’s game. Cups are one off’s and it’s a Saturday daytime K.O. Don’t be surprised that the Swans up their game in giving the other team the respect they deserve. Different day, different competition and you can be sure the Jack Army will be looking forward to it as they intend to celebrate more often on the road that they do at home. Good luck to you because you going to need it!

  2. Article was going well until the “they’ve been dumped out of the Europa League” part.

    We play Napoli home and away in February having qualified from the group stage!!

    I think you’ll find that reports of our demise a a little premature as you’ll find out on Saturday.

  3. Thanks for clearing the Europa issue up. Apologies for the error, I’ll amend the piece. Enjoy the match Glais!

  4. In all fairness, we have had a dismal run of form at home this season, but I think both teams will need luck to win. Enjoy the game John.

  5. During my 50 years of watching football, I’ve found it rarely pays to get too complacent and cocky prior to matches even if the odds seem heavily stacked in favour of your team. Johnjubal and GlaisSwan might well ponder this. I’ll also be interested to hear what they have to say come 5 pm tomorrow if things don’t work out the way that logic dictates.


  6. It’s hard to be too optimistic about this, but how smug and arrogant are those Swansea fans? A few years in the top division and they’re lording it like Chelsea fans. Pride comes before a fall, lads.

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