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This is a follow up to my article on Friday about “The Unbeatables.”

So the run has ended. It was bound to end at sometime, so of course I’m disappointed we lost and the run ended. I guess I may get the blame for jinxing us, however the article was more than just about the run.

The article was about what we have achieved this season with a virtually new side that cost virtually nothing. To be honest, it’s nothing short of a miracle that we are in the play off places, we did very well in the Europa League and are still in the FA cup. We have one of the meanest defences in the League, Forest scored 2 yesterday, but we’ve only let in 8 at home all season – so they have scored a quarter of those goals in one game. Our goal difference is one of the best in the league too.

Over all we’ve been amazing. I’ve said all along that the play offs are our target, however you never know. Despite them consistently being the best two sides in the league so far, either West Ham or Southampton could STILL have a wobble yet.

In an odd way I’m pleased the run is over, because it can start to become a burden. Don’t bet against this side going on another run and at least cementing a place in the play offs, but with a few results going our way, you just never know!

Chris and the boys have bounced back several times this season, I believe they can do it again.

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36 Comments on Post Unbeatables Comments!

  1. hughton has done exactly what any inexperienced manger would do…. messed up big time, yet people see him as the messiah (why?…christ knows, what have we actually achieved this season? the failure to beat southampton at the beginning of february has cost us massively, they are now 8pts ahead of us and forget about the game in hand, its points on the board that matter. i now think promotion has gone and even if we do achieve it, do we really want hughton next season in charge? only west ham are truly better equipped than we are in this league, southampton were playing league one 12 months ago and are over acheiving in a big way. when eck won the carling cup, he was rightly at the time lorded for his acheivement in doing so but our inconsitent performances ultimately cost us our premier league status. the same inconsistancies still exist surrounding hughton but people are too loved up with CH to notice. 7 pts have been dropped from the last 4 home games. i really do hope that i am proved wrong at the end of the season and for all those idiots who say its far too early for us to go up, i suggest they go and support them other lot. blues will suffer if we dont go up now.

  2. I think this is a harsh perspective Andy.

    I accept some of your points, however when we played Southampton the pitch was a nightmare. I still think the game should have been called off. Also I think you’re being a bit disrespectful to Southampton. They are a very good side.

    In regard to Hughton, we have played some great football this season, we usually look like we may get something out of a game, we’ve hardly conceded goals and we’ve scored plenty. Not something we could say about the previous manager.

    I DEFINITELY would like him to stay at Blues.

  3. Incredibly harsh und pretty much unfair and inaccurate.

    1. You opened up a bracket and failed to close it. Unforgivable mistake, tho perhaps you are an inexperienced writer and messed up “big time”.

    2. The fact that CH has got this rag-tag collection of, essentially, journeymen to play so well and to be so high in the table is itself a great achievement. The fact that this happened with the backdrop of the sale of the whole first team over the summer, uncertain finances and a group of players who had not played together before makes it all the more remarkable. How you can be so harsh shows to me how out of touch with reality you are. How many times have we seen clubs in similar situations and them fall further and further? Leeds, Portsmouth to name but two? Pretty much every player is playing to their potential – what more can you ask of a manager?

  4. Have a little think about what you’re saying, chap.

    The overwhelming point dribbling from your comment is that you want Hughton gone, regardless of whether he achieves promotion.

    No matter how many points the top two are ahead of us, a play-off position would be an absolutely outstanding achievement for any manager who took over at a club who had just lost a huge number of first-team players, and a club whose finances were negligible.

    I’d also ask you what inconsistencies you’re talking about? We had ONE bad game yesterday, prior to that we’d not only been on a 15 game unbeaten run but had 6 wins on the bounce in all competitions in the month of January. You don’t get 6 wins on the bounce if you’re crap.

    Added to all of this is you inability to remember the number of games WE have played this season. Nottingham Forest was our 45th – yes FORTY FIFTH – competitive game of the season. That is as many as 10 games more than other teams this season. The legs, the minds, the bodies are most certainly going to feel the strain and we don’t have a big squad – the latter is not the fault of Hughton, it’s the fault of the board putting us in a position where we cannot financially sustain a large playing squad.

    With a small squad, we’re going to have hiccups like yesterday and like the few draws we’ve had of late. The lads give as much as they can, but playing over 40 games with another 15 at least left to go is asking an awful lot of anyone. Especially a small squad.

    Make no mistake, chap, if he helps us finish in the play-off places it WILL be a HUGE achievement. An absolutely huge achievement. He’s done wonders for us, we’re playing superb football most of the time (barring yesterday) and he’s blooded young players who will either be with us and successful for years to come – or be a valuable commodity to sell on and ease our financial concerns whilst providing transfer funds to spend.

    People calling for Hughton’s head need to have a long, hard think about what they want from the club and what they want from football in general.

    Only those who have no idea on the intricacies of football will believe Hughton isn’t good enough. It really is as simple as that. Yes, he has his failings – as does every manager – and he’s going to lose the odd game, but he’s a superb manager and one who is working against adversity to provide us with a successful season.

    An 8 point gap with a game in hand isn’t huge if we win that game in hand. 5 points between us and 1st or 2nd with 12 league games to go is very, very small indeed. The teams above will not have stopped looking over their shoulder, and we will certainly not have stopped pushing forward.

    Think positive, not negative, support your club.

  5. im afraid i have to agree with the majority of what andy had to say, and there does appear to be far too much of a love in at the moment with chris hughton, a manager who is indeed a relatively inexperienced manager in football. time will of course tell whether he will prove to be a good manager but it is becoming increasingly unlikely that will be with us. it would be interesting to hear the views of TRUE birmingham city supporteers on here and not just the hughton fan club. i myself am not bothered who is manager just as long as my club does well, that is at the end of the day, all that matters.

  6. Andy, little bit naive and ignorant. Do you know anything about your club????

    We are potentially on the verge of bankruptcy, getting free players where we can get them, and we are sitting fairly pretty in the league.

    THAT’S what Hughton has achieved. By rights, with the numbers leaving on the drip over the past 12 months, we should really be about 17th, fighting yet another relegation.

    We’re not. We are having stupid irrelevant arguments about how being 5th at this point of the season means nothing but doom.

    Get some sense mate.

  7. andy what have you been smoking i suggest you get a season ticket down the road and listen to
    them moan what c/h has done for our beloved club is miraculous no money car boot players and
    to turn them in to a good side overnight i have enjoyed a smashing season like many other
    blue noses if we go up we will proberly lose c/h to a top ten team in the prem but i think he is
    a honarable man and lead us for years to come if you get a chance pop to the training ground
    and see the impact chris colin and paul have had on everybody at the club nobody speaks bad
    of thm kro to the prem and possible wembley again

  8. Does it matter one jot that CH is inexperienced in football? Surely the only thing that matters is his results?

    How someone can say that they do not think he is doing well at BCFC makes me wonder if they are a wind-up merchant. If this performance in this season with these players (and in this style of football) is not success, then I really wonder what is.

  9. I may be being a bit cynical, but the ip address for Andy and Lisa are virtually identical and the style of writing is also identical.

    Besides that, we as a site are happy to for anyone to take an opposing view, however if your view IS a minority view, (and mine have been sometimes) – you need to be able to defend your view as yourself and not another identity – which I believe you are here.

    Taking pot shots saying that because people are backing this manager and team, they are not real fans – is quite frankly an outrageous statement. Saying you’re not bothered who is manager maybe true for you – but it isn’t for me. I could list a plethora of managers I wouldn’t want at Blues EVER.

    Yes I am a big fan of CH and yes I shouted for him the day after Mcleish left – however I know not everyone was sure of him. Maybe he won’t do it at the top flight – but we’re not there yet, and his achievement so far this season is fantastic.

  10. ‘Lisa Dobbins’, I can’t help but feel you’re ‘Andy’ in a new persona.

    Your writing ‘styles’ are far too similar to be anything but.

    The lack of capital letters following full stops, the long sentences, the clustered and cluttered lack of spacing, the fact you’ve capitalised ‘TRUE’ but left out even the capitalisation of Birmingham City.

    Infact, I do wonder whether you’re an Aston Villa fan attempting to throw a stone at the hornet’s nest.

  11. looks like lisa’s call for TRUE birmingham city fans has fallen on deaf ears lol. the chris hughton fan club is out in force today! as for the liquidation comment, nobody knows the truth about what is going on behind the scenes but i hardly think we would be in a position to take loans on board if things were that bad. maybe some of the hughton loveers would care to leave their armchairs and actually come and watch some of the disappointing football true fans have had to endure this season at home. the unbeaten record was not an acheivement, it was a mystery as for many games at home this season in the league we have been a little fortuante to come away with victory or a draw. only one or two of our home games can we truly say we were worthy of all 3pts. just goes to show though, that 12 months ago, mcleish could do no wrong and the hughton fan club (then known as ‘in eck we trust’) were out in force and we all know what happened next.

  12. I’d also say ‘block 11 joe’ is yet another ‘persona’ of ‘andy’ and ‘lisa dobbins’.

    Again, identical writing style and the basic – less than primary school level – mistakes within the prose.

  13. ‘andy’, ‘lisa’ or ‘joe’ – whichever is your real name or one that is the closest – I think it’s quite evident that you lack the basic knowledge to form a coherent and valid argument for your ’cause’.

    I’m not sure what it was that you hoped to achieve, but it pains me to tell you that you’ve failed rather miserably.

    Take a little bit of dignity from it, however. Don’t create yet another ‘persona’ with which you can agree with yourself, just walk away. If we fail to achieve promotion – in whatever form – at the end of the season, and it’s all Hughton’s fault, then by all means pop back and give us your views.

    Until then, however, don’t add to your insignificance by agreeing with yourself. Simply be a man (or woman) and walk away.

  14. Following on from Kaje’s last comment, as I know he will back me in this, if anyone ELSE agrees with Andy, then please give your opinion and point of view. I would be genuinely interested to see if anyone else has any negative thoughts about Chris Hughton.

  15. Just thought id post and all because my ip addy might be like kaje’s or is it like Kevs? , doesn’t mean we are the same person/people! Have a good day everyone.

    PS Dont’ let the haters get you down Andy, Lisa or Joe.


  16. Ha ha, I won’t let it worry me – don’t worry.

    Nice email address btw, and to a certain extent no it doesn’t. Just be man enough to fight your point from one persona instead of pretending that two others are backing you.

  17. This Andy fella is giving off strong levels of mad.

    I think his time would be put to better use buying Pink bed sheets from Ebay !

  18. Kev said:

    Following on from Kaje’s last comment, as I know he will back me in this, if anyone ELSE agrees with Andy, then please give your opinion and point of view. I would be genuinely interested to see if anyone else has any negative thoughts about Chris Hughton.

    Absolutely, bud. If someone has a negative view of Hughton and has the ability and evidence to back it up – then by all means post and we’ll have an intelligent debate. Simply stating he’s not good enough isn’t enough.

    Arguments without evidence fail very, very quickly.

  19. I am not going to get into the argument regarding Chris Hughton but I wish someone would tell me if Kaje and Kev are the same person as this appear’s to be the case.

    Anyone wishing to make their point of view on here would be unwise to do so as this site only appears to back the one side of any argument.

    Maybe you would find a better place to have a ‘proper’ discussion on all issues BCFC at

  20. For the record, the only reason we can afford the current loans is that we have had a decent cup run.
    Baz (view from the south) told me yesterday that this has more or less sorted wages till the end of the season.
    I believe him as he seems to have his finger on the pulse. It would also make sense regarding timing of our loans.

    As far as sailing close to the financial edge is concerned, there are LOADS of facts out there to point to us being in trouble. Failure to submit our accounts. Owner being prosecuted for tax evasion or whatever (which the HK government are intrinsically linking to the parent companies). Zero money to spend on new players. Scouting places like Leamington. These are all blatant.

    We seem to be holding it together though, and CH is core to that. No, he’s no second coming, but at a time where all the FACTS point toward a different outcome entirely, he seems to be defying the odds.

    Whatever your name is, Andy, Lisa or Joe, you’re not even worth this response, I am merely standing by my earlier post for the sake of other readers.

  21. Michael, interesting comments, especially as you have the same IP address as the other personas.

    Kaje and I are not the same person. Regulars on J&S know both of us, you have now decided to get personal about it which quite honestly makes you look silly.

    A lot of people who regularly use and contribute to the site have met me and I know for definite would back me that I am someone who is happy for anyone to have their say whether they agree with me or not.

    The thing is, back it up with evidence – which I have done in my articles. Your comments above are just nonsense. As I said, saying that people aren’t true fans because they back the manager, is proof that you are on the wind up.

    Oh no problem plugging SHA, it’s a great site and one I pop onto now and again. I know Andy who runs it too. So that’s fine.

  22. Hi Michael,

    Whilst you do appear to be yet another persona of the original ‘andy’, I would like to commend you on your discovery of basic grammar. It adds a lot more credibility to posts!

    As Kev has said above, however, the decision to create yet another persona from the same IP address has made you look even sillier than you were already looking. As Kev concluded with, SHA is a site with which J&S has a good working relationship. We have members and posters who frequent both sites – advertising that forum is fine by us, but I will warn you – if you spout the same idiocy over there, you’re likely to get the exact same response as here.

    Best wishes, chap!


  23. Kev,

    Thanks for making my day much better.

    Not only was your initial piece very good (thanks), but the following responses have made me laugh all day at various points where I could catch up with it.

    Really made my Sunday.

    (maybe I should thank Geoff/Mandy/Steve etc too. Hilarious.)

    Just had a thought. It could be a child…….

  24. Wow!!!…Andy, we’re just off the back of a 15 games unbeaten and you still arent that happy?. What would you expect CH to have done after a fire sale, a small squad (assembled last minute), no money and a huge fixture list?.

    I think you’ve been spoilt with our recent championship campaigns??…times have changed buddy we are no longer the same team and have lost much of our premiership clout!, due to Yeungs interventions. I could go on but you’ve clearly lost the plot.

    P.S lovely that your Mother will come and on defend you tho 🙂

  25. This ‘ Andy ‘ palaver is unbelievable ! we’re in Alan Partridge country here ! I can’t help but picture the tw*t thinking how clever he is, as he enters his different aliases , convincing himself that everyone is fooled !
    Strange how he forgot to interject amongst all of the comments ‘ outing ‘ him , as Andy again ?

  26. …Almost forgot !………. C H , inexperienced ? I don’t think so . Whatever , he’s eking out every semblance of talent and ability from a largely ‘ ordinary / average ‘ squad , punching well above their weight , 15 games unbeaten , ( we could have drawn or even won in the dying minutes yesterday ! – albeit against the run of play ) more goals than we’ve seen for years , etc , etc , if Harry takes the England job , Spurs will snatch him within minutes !

  27. The other Andy is talking absolute rubbish, not sure if he actually is a Blues fan, very much doubt it. CH has done an incredible job at Blues. However his success can only be measured when he achieves more than Alex McLeish, which is to take us up, win a trophy and keep us up. Until that is achieved McLeish will remain the the most successful Blues manager.

  28. I agree McLeish did a good job for the most part (apart from relegation), and it is still quite early in CH’s reign, but I think comparison is a little bit unfair – they are both operating in totally different circumstances. McCleish had a lot of money to spend, and had a better team. Hughton has lost his whole team and had very little to spend. Who cares who is the best anyway, CH has done a great job so far

  29. ahh yes the dreaded unbeatables comments, the moment it was mentioned i knew we’d get beat Saturday, so well done to those that Jinxed us

  30. Well Ann, these things happen. I felt it was important to write about the terrific performance the club has achieved – it was always going to end sometime.

    Perhaps if I did a blog on our losing run, I might jinx that! 😉

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