4 Comments on Birmingham City v Nottingham Forest Brief Post Match Thoughts

  1. Hugely disappointing, I have to say, I do not think we approached this game in the right frame of mind, we appeared to give them too much respect and they took full advantage, we appeared a bit too cocky until they scored the second goal but it was all too late by then, the normal onslaught produced nothing. The timing was not good with Chelsea coming up next week the confidence has taken a bit of a knock especially with them bouncing back against Bolton. We should not have lost at home and surrendered the winning run to Forest. Strange atmosphere around the ground as if everyone was expecting this to happen, including the players. This is a shock result

  2. At some point at some time, this was going to happen. We certainly didnt get beaten by a better side, Blues were their own worst enemies with unusual calamitous defending for the winner and failure to at least, find an equaliser whilst dominating. Dont think it will knock confidence, its just a case of showing the metal to bounce back next week.

  3. Jordan Mutch had a shocker. He’s had a couple off par now. I think he’s tired, and we seem to rely on him a lot now. How many games?
    Also, new bloke Townsend looks great going forward. Not so good tracking back. Think he needs a bit of a Hughton chat. Not a bad player at all, but totally at fault for the first goal.
    AND I MET BAZ!!!!
    How random……..

  4. Let’s just forget about that night! I’m already looking for upcoming matches. Hopefully on next match our supportive team will show their full strength. Thanks

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