Crystal Palace v Birmingham City Brief Post Match Thoughts

ANOTHER result thrown away. We dominated the first half, although didn’t create a great deal – and I thought at the break that we would come away with at least a point. But what is it about Blues and only playing for 1 half in the league?

We lined up with 5 in the middle and King on his own, but Elliot was on the bench. For me, he is the perfect player to act as “the link” with King when he is on his own. But having said that, we played some good stuff in the first with both Redmond and Burke creating stuff – just not that final killer ball.

As the 1st half went on, Palace came more into the game and a stinging shot well saved by Myhill was probably the best chance of the half – although Redmond had a good shot saved too.

The 2nd was pretty much all Palace. We looked like we were set up for the point and playing for the point. When the substitutions came, we remained with the 1 up front, (wrong decision IMO). We paid the price when Palace scored with less than 10 minutes to go. Actually prior to that they had had a shot saved on the line, hit the post and a couple of other chances go wide.

I like to think I am supportive of the club, but for me tonight wasn’t good enough. We COULD have won tonight if we had gone for it, but we looked lack lustre in the 2nd half and we have only won 2 games away. Not promotion stats I’m afraid.

I do have to finish talking about Zigic, his confidence isn’t just low – it’s in negative figures. He had a great chance to equalise at the end, just had to head it – but he chested it back to the keeper. I don’t think he is as bad as some say he is, but I can’t help feeling he has gone through the Julian Grey door. In that no matter what he does, a certain section of the crowd will get on him. Perhaps it would be best to let him go in January.

I do have to say to those calling for Hughton to go on twitter, #youareravingmad


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8 Comments on Crystal Palace v Birmingham City Brief Post Match Thoughts

  1. Its another game in that blues just cannot turn their dominence into goals. Its cost us at Reading, Peterborough at home and very nearly against Burnley. It certainly cost us at Braga and ultimately led to blues Europa League exit. Im not sure what the answer is, a couple of new strikers maybe? Fat chance of that happening and as for Zigic, he has no intention of leaving blues in January. Blues need to find a way of putting the ball in the back of the net, otherwise the play-offs will be out of reach.

  2. wat do you mean ‘we ‘ its them out there in the middle CH lost the plot the fans are gonna turn on him the way he exited europe

  3. I only watched it on TV but I don’t agree that it was all Palace 2nd half. They hardly got a kick in the first 10 minutes and we had good chances later on (especially Caldwell’s) but never looked like taking them. I hate to knock any Blues player but Zigic currently is a complete waste of space. How a 6’8″ international centre forward can try a chest pass on the edge of the six yard box in the last minute of a game with his team losing 1-0 when an easy header beckons is beyond me. I wouldn’t even have him on the bench at the the moment: I’d rather have Rooney as at least he will try. The play-offs at this rate will be very difficult to reach given our inability to garner even a point from away matches we could comfortably win.

  4. You’re right Bertie, we did start well in the 2nd but we didn’t create anything and I meant that Palace created a number of very good chances in the 2nd and hence it was all them.

  5. To even think that our manager has lost the plot is so idiotic, it’s almost beyond belief. He is working with Bosmans, those who for one reason or another we couldn’t sell and a 17 year old. What do you expect – that he tells the Board he wants a couple of strikers, a goal-scoring midfielder & a creative midfielder. Zigic has a few years to go on his lucrative contract, so no matter what Blues might accept for him, no club is going to match his wages the way he is playing. So it looks like we will be stuck with him, so we must hope he will play like he did in the Cup Final again. Failing that, administration (and minus 10 points) is the only other way to get rid of the millstone. To go back to my first sentence, stop bleating & support what we’ve got; we have some decent players & a GREAT MANAGER.

  6. Zigic needs to go even on a free or loan. It’s not the fans fault, they are generally supportive so the comparison with Julian Gray are nonsense. He’s on 50K a week and contributes less to the club than the guy who sells the programs. He’s got this idea that he is some sort of ball player and likes to use his chest rather than play to his strengths and use his head. He never attacks the ball and just doesn’t seem suited to the English game. He is a luxury we cannot afford.

  7. You missed my point, what I meant was that IMO Zigic’s confidence is shot in the same way Gray’s confidence was shot. I also think that it is probably irreparable and so agree with you, it would probably be best for him and the club if he keft in January.

  8. We need a play-making midfielder, a battler that can open up the game. Redmond may well become a very good one, but he’s still learning. One up front can be, and is, easily smothered. Other teams know our defensive frailties, they also know our inability to go for the kill. Hence they wait and then pounce when we run out of steam. We’re in danger of going back to the seventy-minute fade-out days.

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