Transfer Deadline Day – The misery continues

With just over a couple of hours to go deals have moved on a bit and it now looks that Scott Dann will be joining Blackburn for £5m and Cameron Jerome has signed for Stoke for around £4m.  The Jerome price is fair but I’m dissapointed with the valuation for Dann.  I’m not convinced that it’s a good move for Scott but players these days only think in the short term.  Expect him to be moving again next summer.

On the plus side the Beausejour rumour from earlier has gone quiet but breaking in the last hour is the news that Newcastle are interested in Liam Ridgewell.

Nobody so far has been spotted arriving at St Andrews for talks…..

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24 Comments on Transfer Deadline Day – The misery continues

  1. Danns been injured for good part of season, Jerome has been shocking no matter what people think. Good bye and good riddence. Just need to get rid of the board now.

  2. according to sky its 6m rising to 8m for Dann.
    We wont go up this season but with Hughton the playing side will improve in time, more worrying is Yeung borrowing another 10m today @12%. we will be paying that back for years

  3. So receipts to date could be :- Johnson £6m, Gardner £4m, Ferguson £.75m, Ridgewell £3m, Jerome £4m, Dann £6m, Season Tickets £4.5m, Parachute Part 1 £8m, share deal in close season £6m, this weeks loan £6m total including corporate receipts = £50 million, hhhmmm

  4. I believe dann will go down with blackburn there very poor, can’t see him helping there plight either due to injury so good rid. Take jerome and villa agent with ya too!

  5. Why the bad vibes for Jerome? He spent most of last season running around by himself upfront due to that Scottish tosser!!

  6. Administration surely must be a better option than the none disclosure of information regarding the movement of funds. In all the years of the premiership I have never witnessed anything like what’s happened to Blues

  7. weve seen at least £100m come into the club over the last 2 years, dont tell me its gone on players and wages, that BIH is bleeding us dry, we are a cashpoint for them

  8. Jerome is garbage no matter what formation we’ve played and no matter which division so good riddance.Zig will never play for us again as i was told we’d have to cough up money after so many appearances.Dann is a weird one as i always thought he was a better footballer than johnson and would have been snapped up first.The only player i really wished we had kept was foster and now we have that useless clown myhill it makes you appreciate what good keepers we have had and what an absolute donkey we now have.

  9. Foster
    Carr johnson Dann ridge

    Larsson Gardner bowyer

    Jerome. Zigic


    Carr Davies caldwell murphy

    Burke. Gomis fahey. Beause(hopefully)

    Rooney. King


  10. i completely agree with all those comments . wish we could lose the board , they have been a dodgy shower from the word go ! glad to see kevin knockin em in ! ha mcleish knew best eh ? what that guy did with the management of our team was tantamount to sabatage . anyone remember the stoke game at the britannia ? mcliesh threw the game . breaks my heart but i’m not settin foot til the bunch of lying cowboys we’ve got for a board are gone . good riddance jerome , could’nt hit his own ass with a shovel .

  11. Say Zigic going into Comet in Solihull today at about 5.30pm, so he’s clearly not going anywhere tonight!!! Only time in his life his name and the word ‘comet’ will appear together in the same sentence!!!

  12. according to SSN we have signed Wade Elliott from Burnley?? Not any big shakes but a good championship player…anyone confirm?

  13. Agree with some of what is being said about Jerome but Eck rarely put a team out to play to his strengths (and to be fair to the lad he does have good qualities). With yesterday’s three signings we have an opportunity to finish this season in the top 8; But as somebody has already written we aren’t going to improve in seasons to come unless we get a new owner and board. High quality players, regardless of promised wages or games in Europe will not sign for a club lacking stablility. Elliot great signing, Ibanez relatively so. Good times ahead but not great in the short -medium term. Lets hope there is a philanthropist out there with major cash on the hip and true-blue integrity. Now there’s a combination!

  14. Out
    Jerome – £4m – potentially rising to £6m
    Dann – £6m(£1m to coventry) – potentially rising to £8m


    Wade Elliot
    Pablo Ibanez

    and I expect some loans in the next few weeks

    At least after internationals we should have a decent squad depth

  15. The Jerome & Dann figures are OK all things considered. Pity we could not have offloaded Zigic by now as i see nothing but expensive problems on the horizon there. While the squad is barely recognisable from 6 months ago, that was to be expected and i for one am not too down on it – while our current position on the table is not exactly exciting, i have seen enough in the first few games to suggest we should finish in the top half comfortably when things settle dow. More attractive football than under Eck? Yes, thank god (but god probably doesn’t need to be credited with that – anyone could have achieved that); Promotion – No, but i am patient. Next year will make me happy, esp if a new owner with deep pockets arrives.

    PS: Agree 100% with the Myhill doubters – Maik Taylor for another year would have been sooo good. Like Joni Mitchell said, You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone ….

  16. kiwi. Maik had to quit with an injury if I recall correctly. I do feel Doyle and Butland could have coped but Hughton trusts Myhill and that’s good enough for me. Didn’t do too much wrong against Nacional and Coventry so I think he’s been harshly judged against Hart and Foster. Both of whom also made huge mistakes. We should judge Boaz over the course of the season. KRO

  17. Russell – thanks. I did not apprecaite Maik T was injured: I thought we simply released him on expiry of his contract. You are prob right that we Bluenoses have been spoiled by quality between the sticks in recent years, and also that Doyle and Butland could have coped. Actually i feel rather sorry for Doyle: after having actually been Blues’ No 1 for a wee while way back in the Steve Bruce days and being capped for Ireland about the same time, one could just about count the number of first team appearances since then on the fingers of one hand. Send him down here – the Wellington Phoenix (= the local A league team, in fact the only NZ A league team) need a keeper, and he would probably appreciate a game every now and again.

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