The Last 10 Days!

This appeared on the forum by Jacko, I thought it so good – it deserved to be “blogged!”

It’s been a funny old 10 days. A lot of panic (some hysteria) from supporters who felt we desperately needed a new striker or were dead, a real turning-over at Old Trafford, the Robbie Keane affair. Then the semi final drama. We bought a new defender. A strange win in the FA cup followed by a good 5th round draw. All this on top of the transfer window saga and the scramble to avoid the relegation zone. We saw comments on the blogs charging from desperation to elation.

We now have Martins, and after Wednesday, Ziggy is a hero and on Saturday Phillips played a blinder, and we have clubs sniffing after Jerome, so I think for the time being most are happier with our strikers.

Now we don’t loose by five goals so this was devastating. I watched the game again and although at times we played some good stuff and I think we were unlucky with a couple of the goals, we did have a big hole in the left of our defence. However, many teams have been hammered this season – Bolton were stuffed at home on Tuesday and what about Spurs on Saturday? So from that perspective we’ll put this one down to team selection and move on.

I see the “for sale only” Mr. Keane is on loan to West Ham. They deserve each other.

I didn’t see the semi final, Fox soccer showed the Fulham – Liverpool game (what do you expect from Rupert Murdoch). Then we had a 14” of snow in about three hours that covered the dish so no TV, no highlights. I followed the match on the internet until half time when I decided the time had come to become a Baggies fan and went to shovel snow. I had to check the final score and saw it was 3 – 1 and playing overtime. Talk about a heart stopping 20 minutes.

I went to the Wembley final in 1956 as a kid and on the train back we consoled ourselves by saying we’ll win it next time. It’s been a long time coming so I have to scrounge up a 1000 quid for a quick trip back for this one. (Or I might just wait until we play in the FA cup final in May).

On Saturday we made nine changes from Wednesday’s line-up. If this were a league game it would have cost us 25000 quid. But I thought that playing two wingers to feed Ziggy with Phillips feeding from the knock-downs was a great plan against a Champion League team. After five minutes and two near misses I knew we would win 5 – 0, we were playing so well. Well 5 – 1 then 5 – 2 because we were playing some good stuff, not like the real Birmingham. In the end 3 – 2 did not do us justice. Refreshing to see what talent we have at the club and how can people criticise Hleb, what a class player.

A good draw in the 5th round, not counting chickens and all that but we should go through. A home draw in the 6th round against anyone and you can taste the final. (Sorry I was forgetting who we were).

OK Wednesday’s test against City will probably bring us back down to earth but a draw would be nice. It will be interesting to see who’s in the team (a quid Martin’s only on the bench).


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  1. Another good article be interesting how are defence can handle Penaltys given to Arsenal players at Wembley I guess we should just keep attacking an score goals the way they should be earned.

  2. Nice article Jacko, like you I was at the 56 Final and had given up hope of ever going back. Hoping for a ticket from a mate then stock up with Stella for the Eurostar. Think you have been out of Europe too long talking about overtime instead of extra-time! Overtime was when we worked late but people are lucky to have a job after globalisation and the Banker’s paradise.

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