Carling Cup or Premiership survival?

So here’s a question.  If you were offered four more points in the Premier League but in return we had to give back the Carling Cup what would you do?  As well as the trophy and Europa league place you have to give up all the memories of that day, all the bragging and go back to having won nothing.

I for one wouldn’t.  That day was special for me and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I’d also like to be the first to say that I hope we give the Europa Cup a real go next season even if it hurts our league campaign.  Of course I’m assuming that we will be relegated on Sunday but after all this is only a hypothetical poll.

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In our last poll Roger Johnson was the clear winner of Player of the season with Ben Foster second.

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15 Comments on Carling Cup or Premiership survival?

  1. After 50+ years of waiting for us to win a cup that day was so special that I wouldn’t give it up for Premier League survival. We can always get back to the PL but the likelihood of me seeing blues win another cup is very unlikely

    Btw how can Johnson be player of the season personally I think he hasn’t played that well at all, he has missed Dann big time. Without Foster we would have been relegated by now.

  2. No-one remembers who finished 17th, but everyone remembers who won a cup.

    And I voted Zigic player of the season. Just for the impacts he’s made in games which have been vital

  3. If I had been given the choice at the start of the season I would have taken the cup everyday. Going down will not make me cry winning the cup did!

  4. Going down will make me cry but think I still have to chose the cup. That glorious day in February helped to finally overcome the heartache of 1956.

  5. I’d give it up now for two points, never mind four. Survival means improvements (starting with the new manager) and that in turn leads to increased chances of doing better in the cup runs. I honestly believe the Carling Cup is not as difficult to win as it once was, what with the ‘bigger teams’ not taking it seriously until the latter rounds.

  6. Carling Cup for me – Waited a long time for that day at Wembley and with the lack of investment in the team its only a matter of time before we are relegated – wouldn’t swap.

  7. John R said it all for me. I’m nearly 52 and thought I’d go to my grave never having seeing Blues win a major cup at Wembley. Relegation and promotion is something we’ve all seen over the years no matter how old you are.

    We are the LEAGUE CUP HOLDERS!!!

  8. As a younger supporter who hasn’t witnessed as much Blues related heartache, I’d probably go for the extra points. Although Wembley was a brilliant day out, I feel if we were relegated this season, we wouldn’t be in a strong enough position financially for another immediate return. I feel we’d lose a lot more crucial first team players than in previous seasons without having the funds to replace them as in previous seasons. If we had the extra points instead of the cup this season, it would enable us to build on what we already have and hopefully further strengthen in the summer, meaning that we would be able to establish ourselves as a strong premiership club in the future. Relegation this season could set us back years unfortunately.

  9. Like a lot of people I was very very emotional about finally winning the cup , a major cup . But unfortunately when we’re relegated next week , and for the wildernss years that somehow beckon more than ever this time , this season will be remembered as the time the Blues finally managed to win something and then disapeared without trace since , like the Coventrys , Leicesters , Notts Forrests et al ……. at the moment it looks bleaker than ever to me , and the cup just doesn’t quite compensate !…….

  10. ‘To Inbreds’ quality comment 🙂
    Your going down with the hammers.

  11. It’s “you’re” as in “you are” chaps, the irony is surely lost on you. As for “pride of the Midlands”, I believe the Baggies are above you – hardly a glittering season for you now was it?

  12. Oh i would definitely take the cup. The cup is so much more important, one glorious day of happiness is far more important than relegation, potentially crippling financial damage adding to our already large debt, loss of players for cheap fees due to relegation clauses…..

    what use is a tin cup when we are ruined on and off the pitch? If we stay up, then GREAT the Cups means everything, but to be relegated as Cup Holders…takes away everything. Look at Middlesborough, does anyone care that they won the FA cup? NO coz they got relegated straight after. We will be no different.

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