1st Leg CC West Ham v Blues Brief Post Match Thoughts

We set up with 451 with Hleb pushing on behind Jerome, but instead of Dave – Fahey played. 

1st half we were shocking and went 1-0 down. We looked dire and quite honestly, West Ham probably should have been further ahead. It looked like things had got worse with Dann doing his hamstring, it looked serious so unfortunately looks like he may well be out for a while.

2nd half Murphy came on and swapped places with Ridge. From the off, we looked like a decent side and we had far more urgency and bossed the game. The pressure built and it did look like it was only a matter of time before we scored and on the 56th minute one of our pretend strikers equalised. (The ridge!)

Not long after, West Ham’s game appeared to get even worse when Obinna was sent off for a senseless kick on Seb. We continued to press and it did look like we were going to get a 2nd. We had a penalty appeal turned down AGAIN, (how many is that this season). On twitter at the time I said it wasn’t, but having seen it again Upson definitely committed a foul and therefore it should have been a pen.

Then Grant bought on Cole and Hines, and in their only attack in the 2nd half a weak shot from Cole went under Foster to put West Ham ahead.

Despite numerous attacks, we were unable to get a 2nd equaliser.

I’m going to go positive here. I believe we saw enough by the Blues in the 2nd half – to say that we can beat West Ham at St Andrews.

So at half time it is 2-1 to West Ham.

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9 Comments on 1st Leg CC West Ham v Blues Brief Post Match Thoughts

  1. When will Big Eck finally see that Jerome is a total waste of space? He offers nothing except some pace, he can’t control a ball, his movement/anticipation is poor, he cant pass. he can’t shoot, he can’t win a header, just what is the point? They went down to 10 men what did we do? Played a sideways passing game around their box for 35 minutes, one attempt at goal, not good enough! If the plan was to pass through them then Derbyshire should have come straight on for Jerome, if the plan was to swing crosses in Zigic should have come on for Jerome, we have blown a great chance to have won the tie, can anyone explain how we are going to score 2 goals more tahn West Ham at St. Andrews?

  2. jerome gets a lot of stick but he does work his socks off, he gets the ball out wide but when hes on his own up front theres nothing he can do with it. id stick him on the wing. mcleish hasnt got a clue –

    what is the point in fahey? did he touch the ball? does he ever when he starts.

    also larsson has whipped countless crosses in all game (some dreadful ones i know) but he takes him off and put zigic on??!! why not take fahey off or gardner even.

    Once again mcleishs negativitety has cost us.

  3. Whopper, Jerome gets a lot of stick because he is rubbish, theres no prizes for working hard you need a bit of skill and guile to be a winner and I agree whats the point in Fahey he is so anonymous, just not good enough. Gardner had a poor game by his standards, we had 5 v 4 in midfiled but still came under the cosh for most of the first half be cause we defend too deep and allow opposition to get right to our 18 yard box before we put in a tackle.

  4. “can anyone explain how we are going to score 2 goals more tahn West Ham at St. Andrews?”

    Big Eck is going to put Derbyshire in . . . . isn’t he?

  5. Give Jerome a break Mortansblue. Play with someone else up front as well and he’s fine ( see previous two games )It’s fashionable now to pick on Jerome when the real problem is McLeish

  6. Went to the game last night and thought we were crap in the first half but played better in the second. Can’t see us getting through the 2nd leg because we have not got the bottle, brains or skills to overcome West Hams defence. I also thinl we will get hammered by the Villa on sunday because they owe us one and we will be knackered from our trip to London.

  7. Dave in NZ, its nothing personal against Jerome. Quite simply he is not good enough to play at this level. His first touch is abysmal, for a man his size he wins very few headers, he can’t hold up a ball, he can’t pass, he can’t shoot, he has had numerous 1on1 chances this season and missed the lot! The only thing he has is electric pace and some say workrate. The few goals he does score are tap in’s insdie the box (except the freak goal he scored at Anfield last year).

    You might think I am a bit harsh but he has been caught offside more than any other player in the Prem (Opta) and this is usually when he fails to get back onside following the breakdown of an attack!

    The real prtoblem last night was McLeish because he should have taken him off as soon as they went to 10 men and put on a proper footballer who knows how to finish, then again afyter 35 mins around theirt box we only created one chance in this period.

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