4 Comments on Birmingham City v Chelsea Brief Post Match Thoughts

  1. Larson deserves a mention.
    Covered every blade of grass today … and even had the cheek to go for a beckham from mid way in our half!

  2. Fahey also deserves a mention, as he was (along with Bowyer) our only option for attack in the match…

  3. Absolutely ecstatic about the result , although it was like the Alamo for the whole of the second half , no one can say Chelsea were off form , they were superb !.. but somehow we held out , Johnson and Dann as usual did the business , but as for Foster … I know we didn’t buy a striker during the summer , but my god we bought the best goal keeper in Europe !!
    We’ve had some keepers in my time , Latchford , Cooper , Kelly , Coton ( my all time favorite ) , Wealans , Seaman , Taylor , Hart – on loan , but this guy surely has the makings of being one of the best goalies ever to grace St Andrews ?…
    However , time to calm down , a magnificent 3 points ( the last time I can remember watching us beat Chelsea , was with a header from Fred Pickering in the FA Cup quarter finals in 68 ! … with my mum and dad ! ) although we did beat them in 1974 , I believe . But as I say , lets calm down , because we beat them today with 10 men !!! and let’s be honest , you all know who I’m talking about ! he means well , he trys his best , we clapped him off , but he’s a total liability , and he HAS to go ! He might be ‘ a bit ‘ of a handfull to defenders , ocasionally , but overall , he is rubbish , and should be nowhere near the Premiership. He caused more problems for us than he did Chelsea today , and that goes for every other match he’s played in.
    Alex , put ANYONE else in , because they cannot be any less competant.

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