Has the Feel Good Factor Returned?

Go back a few weeks, our home game v Bolton – the boos were VERY clear at the end of the game and the manager got stick for the formation he was using.

Since then, we have put in a number of decent performances with a win v Bruce’s Sunderland and draws against Manchester City and Liverpool with pretty decent performances to boot.

What has happened?

To be honest I’m not sure! ūüėÄ

Maybe it is because Alex McLeish is using a more attacking formation, maybe it is due to the new board and their apparent willingness to support the manager with funds for players, maybe the squad have just discovered some belief with themselves. They definitely seem to be operating more as a team and we are playing pretty good football as we come forward and defending well too Рonly 3 goals conceded in the last 3 games.

Whatever the reason, it’s good. Let’s hope it continues!

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2 Comments on Has the Feel Good Factor Returned?

  1. The new board have given the supporters and the team a lift. They seem genuine and want to do well. The last board would not spend more than they had to. To walk away with a profit is a disgrace. Why not give the profit to the Team. they don’t need it. Looking forward to Jan with a promise of some gelt being spent.

  2. The improvement stems from having both Benitez and Jerome fit and being able to play together. The Sunderland match was the first time this season that Big Eck had been able to choose them in the same team. This has allowed him to play 4-4-2 and has given the midfield more than one target to hit. Secondly the team spirit has been fantastic and they now expect to get something out of every game and never give up.

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