Brief Post Match Comments Blues v Villa

0-0, I’ll take that. I didn’t think it was too bad a match. Both sides had chances to win it and both sides had possible penalty appeals turned down. I’ll need to see them again to see if they were correctly not given, but ours looked a strong shout.

Foster made 2 good saves, to be fair villa had the better chances but you’d expect that with them at home.

There were a few feisty tackles, but nothing too serious. Zigicwas correctly booked for the use of an elbow but you could see it wasn’t intentional. Rio-Coker was mixing it up, and was probably fortunate to stay on after he kicked Gardner after Gardner fouled him. But over all I didn’t think it was that kind of game, so a booking was probably right.

I think McLeish got the tactics just right, and we didn’t look too likely of conceding. I hope he is now beginning to really get the balance of a defensive / attacking side just right.

So we stop the run and pick up a point away. Let’s hope we can build on it now.

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  1. 0-0 was probably fair although a better result for us than them. Not a great match.

    I’ll be seeing the opportunity when Jerome had just to play a simple cross to Zigic but hit it straight at Friedel in my sleep tonight.

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