Poll Result – Is McLeish Doing a Good Job!

I started a poll last week which asked if the Big Eck was doing a good job. The results were as follows:

  • NO – 148 – 59% of the votes
  • Not Sure – 68 – 27% of the votes
  • Yes – 36 – 14% of the votes

I guess those figures aren’t too suprising as we have just had a pretty poor run. I wonder what the result would be if I’d run it this week after the win against Forest.

We’re a fickle bunch, all football fans that is. It’s amazing what a win does, the atmosphere on the forum has definitely got lighter!

Anyway, I may re-do this poll towards the end of the season and compare the results.

I will bring out a new poll shortly.


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1 Comment on Poll Result – Is McLeish Doing a Good Job!

  1. When sat at second in the table it’s difficult to criticise McLeish as a manager, but week in week out, he produces lack lustre displays and time and time again, we only just scrape a win.

    There is the camp that argue that to be second playing badly isn’t a bad position at all – and i for one agree. But is there any sign that Birmingham have got a second gear to move into? The talent within the team is obvious, but there appears to be no evidence of this on the pitch.

    I hope that something does “click” at St Andrews and they suddenly start playing with the skill and confidence you’d expect from a side that started the season as favourites to bounce back up. If that happens then it would appear McLeish has played his cards very well. Keeping us in the mixer all season then putting together a strong run when it really matters (and when others around appear to be losing steam).

    Birmingham need a goal scorer. They need a stronger centre back pairing. But most importantly, they need a little bit of flair – which has been sadly lacking in the reign of Big Eck.

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