Blues vs Everton – Brief post match thoughts

Today was really dreadful and the really worrying thing is that I don’t think there is a an easy fix. These are just a few things I noticed.

1. We had five in midfield but Everton players still had plenty of space.

2. At times Jerome was thirty yards away from the nearest Blue shirt and marked by two big defenders.

3. Foster kicks the ball too far.

4. We only looked like scoring from an Everton mistake or a set piece.

5. Roger Johnson was given a difficult time by Yakubu…who’s rubbish.

6. Keith Fahey offers nothing to the team offensively. He is there purely to protect Ridgewell. On the few occasions we broke he didn’t even try to join.

7. Larsson sits too deep so is unable to get into any good crossing positions.

8. Lee Bowyer needs to be dropped.

9. Zigic clearly struggles with the physical side of the British game and it will take him a long time to settle.

10. Phil Dowd is too fat to referee.

11. McLeish clearly sees the game differently to nearly everybody else in the world.

12. Everton’s away kit is hideous.

13. We really miss James McFadden.

Oh and in our poll 60% of you wanted Jean Beausejour but he was injured so the four of you who voted for Keith Fahey got to happy instead.

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22 Comments on Blues vs Everton – Brief post match thoughts

  1. We needed that today, we’ll fly up the table now.

    Yak was actually good today, hes not rubbish either.. he got injured and has struggled to recapture his form. Cant remember Jerome ever scoring 20 goals a season in the prem

  2. Hi guys, travelled to the game today from Merseyside.

    In response to your article, my thoughts are;

    1. Birmingham are a good premier league side as proven last season. Losing patience after one result.

    2. Everton are a better side than BCFC and we have a bettersquad.

  3. actually the yak isnt rubbish at all.
    he has recently come back from a ruptured achilles tendon, which can be a career ending injury.
    his goal scoring record in the prem is outstanding.

    2003-2004 – 19 goals
    2004-2005 – 17 goals
    2005-2006 – 19 goals,,,,,, you get the point.

    you are right about phil dowd though.

  4. Thank you for your comments Everton fans, I’ve removed a couple of swear words though.

    I think my colleague was a bit harsh on the Yak, a mate of mine is an Everton fan and I know that he has been a really important player. The comment about Jerome is also harsh, he is a different player to Yakubu and isn’t an out and out forward.

    He was unfortunate with his one opportunity today but never got the ball in another scoring situation to put the record straight.

    I felt that up to the own goal, neither side looked like scoring and for Everton’s positive start, and although they looked the better side – you can see why they’ve struggled to win games this season. However that comment can be levelled against us too.

    Our problems lie in midfield. We don’t have a playmaker, and haven’t since McFadden has been out. Dave looks useful, and it was a shame he was injured today. He are woefully lacking pace, and although we pass the ball around well – it is slow and predictable. We HAVE to add something there, even if it is risking a youngster or two.

    I’m sorry but Fahey isn’t up to it. Would be good a level down, but I’m yet to see him have a good game in the top flight.

    Over all, Everton probably shaded it and they showed that they could score, all be it because we were pressing on to get an equaliser.

    The unbeaten run is over, time to build another one!


  5. Hiya guys.

    Arsenal fan here ~ I come in piece, not looking for a punch up. Just really interested to know why you guys were booing the team come the end of the game today? Considering all that McLeish has done for you guys throughout his tenure at Blues, it seemed a strange response. Seems even your manager wasn’t best pleased by that!!

  6. I agree with the last comment. What did the team do to deserve being booed? They got promoted and became an established premier league team quicker than anyone else that I can remember. They equalled a 103 year old record by not getting beaten at home. Considering the resources, McLeish is working miracles (with the exception of Zigic, who’s looking a waste of £7m). Booing a team for one home defeat? That’s the kind of support that will drag a good team into a relelgation battle. If the fans don’t get behind them then who’re they going out there to win for? It’s just going to demotivate the playing and coaching staff all around the club. Even previously bottom of the league Everton weren’t getting booed. And you were booing a team previously unbeaten in 18 at home?

  7. @ Jro 6.

    For the records I agree totally. I think McLeish is an excellent manager and has worked wonders for your team. [Today’s result aside] You’re now so hard to beat and have earned respect from the rest of the prem. Must admit, I thought the fans were a bit hard on McLeish today.

    Anyway, I wish you guys well ~ except for when you play the Arsenal of course.

  8. I won’t be booing Blues , never have. But I will be watching them go down again ( for the umpteenth time in my life ! ) because that’s the the way we do it , all the time , always have , up down , up down , year on year ( I’ve been there for over 40 odd seasons ! ) so don’t tell me I’m ‘over reacting’ or don’t know what I’m talking about ! We’re going down , we can’t score a bloody goal when it stares us in the face ( not very often , accepted ! ) we grant ALL oposition free reign 20 times per match ( even when we’re under no pressure ! ) so eventually , they HAVE to score. Against Everton , we went the extra mile and ( after their total incompetance in front of goal ) WE put it in ourselves just to take the ‘relegation presure’ off them. Although , I have to say , it was an unfortunate incident by one of our most steadfast reliable mainstays.
    Bob Latchford came out at half time , Bob Latchford , my schoolboy hero , partner of Trevor , record fee transfer player ( at the time ! ) Bob Latchford , I ‘wagged ‘ the day off school in 72 when we went down to Orient and won promotion to the old 1st Division , and who scored ? Bob Latchford…. Who did he raise his clenched fist ( in salute to ) today ? … The Everton fans , that’s who ! I have to say , that hurt me , big time !
    I digress , a little , he raised his fist to them because WE are Birmingham City , that’s all , Birmingham City , and we don’t really count , yes he started here , but he moved on to ‘ proper ‘ football , and after watching us today , he probably got back in to his limo and thought , ” poor old Blues , nothing changes ” thank god I got out when I did. 36 YEARS AGO !!!!
    I’ve stuck by them ( and always will ! ) but I have to admit , when I see bottom of the division teams away fans ( even though it is Everton ) turning up in such numbers purely because they know it’s us and they stand a good chance of getting a result it p***es me off , because they’re right !!!

    ps I’d love to know what Latchford thinks of Zigic !!! Can you imagine ?……..

  9. Latchford said on a podcast I heard he loves Birmingham equally as Everton because they were his boyhood club. He said he wanted a draw out of todays game!

  10. I think if Alex could be persuaded Bob Latchford could do a better job at scoring even now than what Blues have to offer, as for being booed off, after that display and the surrender of the unbeaten record what did Alex expect from the fans , bouquets of flowers ? a chorus of hail the heros [even if we did lose] ?

  11. In response to the booing. Yes we want 18 games at home without a defeat – but god was it boring. Last season mclesih changed the tactics of 4-5-1 because the fans were having a right go at him at the fans forums. We cant play 4-5-1 we havent got any pace. Mcleish is driving the fans away, if it was that fantastic then we would have more than 23k turn up (must have been 4k everton) its sinfully boring. I think hes just been trying to get this record, its the only thing that makes sense, hes scared to lose. Any forward ball is a hoof, every ball seems to be a square pass, never forward thinking – its the manager that is telling them to do it. I cant remember a shot on goal in the last two home games – dreadful. As soon as i saw the teamsheet i could quite easily have gone home, Fahey cannot play in the premiership, we cant play 4-5-1, Bowyer has been dreradful all season, Jerome cant play up front on his own. Jerome works hard but cant play 4-5-1, as soon as it went 4-4-2 he took him off!! why not take a risk at that time take bowyer off or carr?? Ive never been sure of mcleish and i believe he will take us down.

  12. I take back my comment on Yakubu, I was exagerating to make a point.

    I notice no Everton fans left comments to defend the kit.

  13. I think that the booing was justified based on the performance. Blues were poor against Wigan last week and worse against Everton. The team are going down and the booing reflected the frustration of the fans at the prospect of another relegation season. No pace, no movement, no creativity and one mishit half chance in open play! Everton were effortlessly better than Blues and bossed the game particularly in the first half. The supporters are not stupid and can see the team is in trouble. Two wins in seventeen Prem games is the record that needs to be quoted and not the home record I am afraid. There is no question that the fans don’t appreciate the team’s achievements but the last two games at St Andrews have been dire and the prospect of a long hard winter is not an attractive one. We don’t look able to score a goal and our play is one paced (slow) and predictable! We are going down on this form and Alex McLeish will be hearing a lot more booing if he does not get things sorted and quick!

    Let your heart beat strong and all that.

  14. I seen a 40+ fella walking round town in the full “hideous” pink kit and it was distressing an un defendable!!
    As for the performance we never gave brum a sniff apart from jeromes shot an looked really sharp, finally Coleman seems to be given a chance an yak only needs a goal now, so bring on the red s***e next.
    Birmingham really need some1 creative an a goalscorer because having just a hardworking team is not enough at this level.

  15. How can we go from a team that finished 9th to where we are today? Was McFadden our only creative player last year? On Saturday I think that Bowyer did not do badly in centre midfield, but as most people can see, playing Fahey means we are playing with ten men. Playing Zigic as well means we are playing with nine. I thought I would never say it but O’Connor is a better player than Zigic. So what has gone wrong? Bowyer isn’t scoring for one thing, but Craig Gardner has. We could play Larsson, Hleb,Gardner,Fergusson & Beausejour; I think Beausejour might have pace. We could play Hleb or Larsson & Gardner, Fergusson and Beausejour with Derbyshire partnering Jerome up front. And with Beausejour injured I would have preferred to see Michel be given a chance-God knows he hasn’t had many chances so far.Whatever it is,I am willing to let the manager decide.As for Zigic, AM must accept he will never make it and not play him again.He is so far away from being a Premiership player.

  16. I’m a season ticket holder in the Tilton, and travel up from London for home games. Yesterday I arrived at Heathrow at 5 am after a 12 hour flight from Hong Kong. I was in my seat at Stans at 3pm as usual. At the end of the game I was angry and disappointed at having witnessed a lacklustre display. Given the circumstances, I think I had a right to be angrier than most. But I didn’t boo. I’ve played at a reasonable level, and I know that days like yesterday happen, especially against better opposition (yes, Everton are better than us, despite their league position at the start of the day yesterday).

    I share some of the frustrations about performance, tactics and team formations expressed on these pages. However, I don’t attend training sessions, I don’t necessarily know who’s carrying a knock (Bowyer apparently yesterday), and I trust Big Eck to make the calls. I don’t presume to be a better better manager than he is.

    Now that we’ve got this monkey of the unbeaten home run off our back, which has clearly inhibited us and made us more cautious in the past few home games) we’ll start picking up the points again, and performances and entertainment values will improve.

    Let’s remember what we have built so far, and look at the positives:

    1. As last season, we have a fine goalkeeper, and a great and maturing central defensive partnership (remember at this stage last season how some fans were questioning Joe Hart, and calling for Eck to drop him in favour of Taylor?)

    2. We were outplayed in midfield yeserday, but Barry Ferguson was and remains an outstanding player for us.

    3. We missed Gardner yesterday. That says everything about what a good signing he was, and how he has improved since he has been with us.

    4. We were able to attract signings like Hleb who, with more fitness and game time, will prove to be a big player for us this season.

    5. We have a potential gem in Nathan Redmond, and others (Butland, for instance) in the pipeline.

    6. Zigic has to improve! Surely! Beausejour, Derbyshire and Jiranek look good signings, and will prove their worth with more game time.

    To other fans, I’d say this: you have every right to your opinions. Mine are not necessarily any better than yours. However, negativity on the terraces will translate to negativity on the pitch. Keep things in balance, and remember the bigger picture. It pains me to say it, but one reason why Everton won yesterday was that, despite being bottom of the table at start of play, they had the better set of fans on the day.

  17. Totally agree with Tony’s points.

    I don’t agree with the people saying that Zigic isn’t up to it. If the boo boys continue he will continue to struggle. It does take time for foreign players to settle – in the country as well as in the Prem League.

  18. Tony – You’re right about the negativity transmitting itself to the team/players etc , and you’re also right about the Everton fans being ‘ up for it ‘ and cheering their team on , fair play to them. But there’s not many teams in the Premiership ( if any !! ) that have put up with as much false hope and failure as us , and speaking personally , I just haven’t got the patience anymore , I love watching football , and apart from the disproportionate wages the young chavs are paid , I’m happy to put up with a lot of things. But I’m not going to accept the relegation form and ‘ tactics ‘ that we’ve already adopted this season , with a smile on my face and a hearty cheer for the poor ( millionaire ) lads out there.
    There’s that oh so familiar inevitabilty about our fate already this season , and we’ve only just started , I knew last season was too good to be true ! what’s changed ? what’s happened ? how can we be the team everyone wants to play and beat again so soon ? …
    We’ve spent millions and the new guys don’t ( unsurprisingly ) even ‘ feature ‘ ! He won’t play Phillips because basically it will show he’s failed , and has to rely on the old ‘ gunslinger’ …… Where do we go from here ? and we know it’s no good giving him anymore cash ! because god knows who the hell he’d spend it on !

  19. I don’t buy that at all, TR7. Check where we were at this stage last season. Seven points from seven games (same as this season). We had lost to Villa at home, and our most recent game was a dreadful 2-1 home defeat to Bolton (our previous last home defeat). As I mentioned in my previous post, fans were calling for Hart to be dropped after a series of tentative displays. Yet look how that season panned out. Have a little patience, and by all means criticise if we are in trouble at Chrismas. I for one think that that is exremely unlikely.

    As for your comment that “there’s not many teams in the Premiership ( if any !! ) that have put up with as much false hope and failure as us”, check where we are now compared to 10 years ago. Or 20. Remember life under the Kumars? There’s a kind of perverse pleasure fans take about having to put up with so much pain. It’s mostly self-indulgent bull. Talk to a Walsall supporter, or a Leicester supporter, and see how they feel about supporting their club. Better still, why not ask a Liverpool fan how they are feeling today!

    The reality is that we’ve had a spell of three disappointing games. This doesn’t mean that our manager is bad, or that we’re going to ge relegated, or that our new signings are all rubbish despite the millions that were spent on them (the kind of money that we were all yearning to be spent). A bit of perspective, please!

  20. All fair points Tony D but right now we are looking poor and it is hard to see where the next point is coming from. Yes last season we are in much the same place and the season may well be shaped by the next three games. If we follow what we did last season then all well and good but away to Arsenal and Villa with a home game with Blackpool sandwiched in between will test us.

    I love Blues but we have been at best unconvincing so far this season and I call it as I see it. We were lucky not to lose at home to Blackburn. We turned up for a half at WBA and Sunderland, sat back at Bolton (ok the ref gave them everything) and the only game that we looked the part in was Liverpool and guess what? We could not score a goal!

    OK, there is plenty of time left to put things right but right now I can’t see it. We played some awful football getting out of the Championship, some good football last season but so far we look to have gone backwards in our play. It is constipation football all strain with no end product. I also worry that other teams have us worked out and our lack of pace and creativity makes us far too predictable.

    Agree that we have missed Gardner and thankfully he will available for the Villa game.

    Let your heart beat strong and all that.

  21. You were going quite well Tony until you alluded to how the Liverpool fans could be feeling right now . THAT was one of my main points , how dare they moan , after cups and trophies galore for as long back as most of us remember ?
    As for being self indulgent , yes perhaps you’re right , but I don’t get any pleasure ( believe me ) from seeing us shaping up for a major stuggle again.
    Andyblue ( above ) is telling it like it is , and don’t forget probably the only sensible prophetic words that David Sullivan ever said at this early stage in the season , before one of our sojourns back to the Championship ” Am I the only one hearing alarm bells here ? “

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