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We are starting a new feature as an experiment. Although we are really an article site, we thought it may be useful for our regular readers for us to do a digest of the key stories involving the Blues, and also a quick reminder of what we may have posted.

If there is enough, we will do one each day during the week and perhaps one to cover the weekend. We’ll see how it goes, your feedback on if you think it’s a good idea or not would be welcome.

So here goes.

Dale did an article on the transfer window. No Favours at the Window

The Official site announced the Blues Legends XI

They also confirmed the ref in our forthcoming match against Wolves.

Alex asked the Blues fans to trust him, an article by Colin Tattum on

Also from – Alex said that it wasn’t the players that turned us down.

On a similar theme, Alex also confirmed his confidence in our existing forwards. From IMScounting.

There were a number of similar stories from on other sites, but I’ve tried to pick the ones that are more trustworthy!

Anyway, there you go for today.


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3 Comments on Blues News Digest

  1. I think we need to talk about Sullivan and gold.
    They are really getting up my nose they bought our club for a pound and it took them 10 years to get us to the promise land only to renaege on the promise. They sold it for 80 million while making a lot of money in the mean time.Sullivan professes to be a West ham fan when we all know he is Cardiff
    Those poor hammer fans wait untill they start pulling out there shady deals amd lies
    Think of the stereo types of people that run porn operations(shady shady shady)West ham has been saved from the money made and laundered thru St andrews
    Think about it I’m still trying to work out the Chucho deal and so is the club.They kept telling us they had smashed the club record but there are so many conflicting reports
    Mark my words they will get caught I’m so glad they have gone and our new owners don’t like them. They did nothing for BCFC.

    They are tossers

  2. It does make me cringe somewhat when I see David Gold and Sully on the TV. However, lets not forget that from a bankrupt club they brought us to where we are now. I used to go to the ground in the 70s and 80s and it really was a shisse-hole.

    They may have walked away with a few bob in their pockets, but fair enough, I am happy not to be in the same position as many other teams, whose chairmen really did do them no favours at all. Let’s remember the good times and move on.

    I have said it before, thank you to Karen and the Davids for saving our club and best of luck to them in the future …… long as it’s below us in the league.

    KRO & SOTV

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