How Times Change – A Response to Colin Tattum’s Article

*Update – this was top story for the Blues on the Newsnow feed 1/12/09. πŸ™‚

Colin has kindly given me permission to use his recent blog post in this article, thanks Colin. You can read the original here. I have selected certain parts of his blog and given my thoughts on it.

Strange how football can change, isn’t it? Thirteen months ago Blues were sunk 3-1 at home by Reading. The Royals had not long defeated Wolves 3-0 at Molineux and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Eck was ridiculed when he said Reading weren’t necessarily any better than Blues, just more clinical. Most observers had Reading as certs for the Championship title.

I think I have said that I live in Devon. Well I remember this game, my lad had just played football in Plymouth and we were on the way home and we were listening to it on the radio. It sounded grim! I can remember saying to my son that we were going to spend another season AT LEAST in the Championship! Reading looked unbeatable.

The situation was made worse, by me having a colleague who is a Reading fan! I was seriously questioning the commitment of the board, the players and definitely the manager!

Fast forward to May and Blues won the shoot-out with Reading in Berkshire to clinch promotion.

I DEFINITELY remember that day! I blogged what happened on that afternoon. I remember thinking as the game went on, what had happened to Reading? Were they really the same side that appeared to be rampaging through their games in the first half of the season?

That day we were well organised, calculating and clinical. You could see the foundations of the side we see now.

Carry on some more to last weekend and Reading finally won at home – at the 18th time of asking in the league, stretching to 301 days. Blues defeated Fulham to move, temporarily, into 12th place in the Premier League. Reading edged out of the relegation zone into 20th by their win over Blackpool.

I spoke to my colleague the other day. He is so frustrated at what has happened to Reading. Coppell was being talked about as a future Man Utd manager, but has now seemed to have disappeared. Reading now seem more like a club going backwards rather than forwards.

Blues however, seem to be improving all the time. Roger Johnson and Scott Dann are an absolute revelation. I can remember wondering what Alex was thinking when he signed these two players, but hands up – I know nothing, and they are proving to be absolutely AWESOME purchases. Couple that with the great season Bowyer and Ferguson are having, and things are looking good.

I have seen comments around the WEB of fans believing that Alex McLeish could well become our best manager since Jim Smith, and although we MUST NOT get complacent, isn’t it great to be summarising positive things. We must remain focused, and I have seen enough that I believe that Alex will keep the players feet on the ground – and help us to progress.


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7 Comments on How Times Change – A Response to Colin Tattum’s Article

  1. if only chucho and jerome could start hitting the back of the net, we could have a side thats exciting to watch as well

  2. another dublin blue nose here.I have to tell you the attitude has really changed .For the first time ever lads putting money on blues to win even the u t d fans won a few quid.As for me well ive been blue all my life and i would usually be waiting for the bubble to burst, but not this time. We have a bunch of lads who look up for it and about time too.Its something all true blues have waited for and deserve. K R O from Dublin.

  3. A great time to be a blue nose, i live in spain and only get the luxury of games on 5 live but what afirst half againts wolves, we still need to start scoring and i think Zigic would be a massive signing at the right money, we still need back up for Bowyer and Barry as well so lets hope we spend well in January.

  4. I live in New Zealand and was lucky enough to see the whole of the Wolves game broadcast on SKY TV NZ. I’ve been a blue nose for 45 years and the first half was one of the best all round performances I’d seen from Blues since the days of Jim Smith. Passing to feet, intelligent positioning and running off the ball, high-energy and great finishing (well, at least from from Bowyer). I agree Kev, what a dynamic-duo Dann and Roger Johnson are becoming!
    Despite Jerome’s wonder goal against Liverpool, I do think we need a consistent goal scorer and I guess Big Eck will be looking for quality over quantity come January. We shall see if the money really does materialise.
    KRO from a land far far away.

  5. I went and watched the Burley game (A) being a northern blues exile. I was so disappointed by the performance I left before the end, that was truely unlike me. I could not see us surviving if that was the best we had to offer.
    Thank goodness it was a one off, the performances have been 100% better since that game and if they continue I will be happy to have wasted Β£32 to watch an awful display at Burnley.

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