Panos Pavlakis Leaves, But Fans Should Thank Him

Today Panos Pavlakis left the club after three and a half years as a director. Recently Many fans have expressed their joy with the fact that he has gone. I understand some of their frustrations, especially over the ill-fated appointment of Zola. However I think that Panos deserves more respect from the fans and I am certainly prepared to give it here.

He was originally appointed by Carson Yeung, however after Yeung’s sentencing he clearly fell out with Yeung who appeared to try to get him out. Panos hung on and basically steered the club through one of the most difficult periods it has been through for a number of years.

We had a very difficult period on the pitch under Clark and then things improved with the appointment of Gary Rowett, something that Panos was credited for. Although finances definitely weren’t great – the manager did get some funds to players.

There are some who have been close to the club that we were close to going under but Panos kept us afloat. For a while we had hope that we might actually get into the play-offs again with Rowett in charge, however as we know his out of the blue sacking (pun unintended) saw fans become very hostile towards him. The resultant appointment only focused that ire.

The appointment of Zola was definitely a mistake, however it is easy to judge after the event. Zola did a decent job at Watford and is clearly respected within football, so I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon.

It is clear that the new owners want new people in the club, which is understandable and it appears that Panos wasn’t part of the decision to bring in Redknapp so I guess the writing was on the wall.

So I would like to thank Panos for all that he has done in keeping the club going, for the signs of improvement under Rowett, and wish you well in the future.

Earlier panos tweeted:

That’s it guys! 3.5 years with proper “Joys & Sorrows” on a proper Club! Thank you ALL for your patience! Good luck & God bless! #BCFC #KRO

— Panos Pavlakis (@PanosInAsia) May 19, 2017

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3 Comments on Panos Pavlakis Leaves, But Fans Should Thank Him

  1. It’s all about the power trip.

    Blatantly obvious he went from a director that steadied the ship to someone who wanted to run the club on and off the field.

    Suddenly the relationship breaks down with Rowett, it looks more likely that Panos influenced the new inexperienced board into allowing a different path of manager becoming head coach. Is it any wonder Rowett started stepping back and casting an eye around.

    Any doubt of this is proven with the appointment of Zola the puppet happy to just coach the team and get what he was given from Ewan Chester.

    He then gloats about the football after a draw with Newcastle’s reserves but starts dodging gloating when we continue to play like a bunch of strangers. Then it’s replaced with TOGETHER & COMMITTED, basically showing a united front was all he had.

    This is the beauty of social media you either do it or you don’t because you will always look like an idiot when you go into hiding when it’s not going well.

    Live by the sword die by the sword.

    He was clearly guiding the owners to stick with Zola because the bigger plan was to scrape home in this league and rebuild. Can anyone genuinely say they would have been comfortable letting Zola spend all the summer money on more duffers like Keita and Frei??

    Clearly he has been given the chance to resign to make it not look so bad but TTA are pretty ruthless and the only surprise is they let a lame duck run the team for 10 games too much.

    BCFC was a job for this businessman, nothing more. Trust me his pound of flesh from this is huge.

  2. He did drop a clanger sacking Rowett and bringing in Zola but He did good and bad things. He is only human but to let personal issues sway your judgement in business is wrong and had he not resigned he most likely would have been removed. Shame but no biggie move on. He has and with a windfall to boot.

  3. Panis gained a business relationship with the regime that almost destroyed the club. The club had and will always have a decent fan base and good corporate support from wealthy and influential locals. So all the ingredients to sustain a club so why do we always refer to the myth that we were yet again on the brink of ruin. So another saviour has come and gone. I recall the very lengthy information blackouts from Panis despite his promises to be transparent and communicative. I dont call schoolboy tweets a communication plan, I only expect that from the likes of Donald Trump. So – onwards and upwards KRO.

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