The New Kit

The official website has released pictures of this season’s home kit and I for one am not a fan.  The white patch makes it look like the players are all wearing bibs and while I appreciate that modern day footballers are little more than children it’s not a good look.

You can see the new shirts here

What does everyone else think?

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13 Comments on The New Kit

  1. This kit is a howler. I think it’s even worse than the ‘tesco value bag’ of a few years ago.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why they don’t just stick with the traditional style. My favourite kit is still the old round nech adididas of the late 70’s, although it might need updating with looser shorts!

    I won’t be buying this one. My 7 year old has been badgering me for a Man Utd shirt…I might just give in!

  2. It is horrible! We’ve had some decent shirts in recent years (yesm, really!) but this is an amateurishly designed abomination.

  3. Really not sure, it might grow, personally can’t see why we don’t stick with the Penguin, fantastic, distinctive. D
    idn’t buy last years, probably won’t buy this one. Where’s the long sleeves?

  4. it is a bit gash isn’t it? nothing wrong with last years design. I don’t see the need to add a huge expanse of white, we’re called Blues not the blue and whites… makes us look like the farmers in Ipswich. At least it’s not like Bolton’s though, that is horrendous. Seems kit manufacturers are staffed by little more than failed fashion designers who haven’t got a clue about clubs’ traditions and history.

  5. Pants! Plain royal blue shirt is all we need…..they should stop trying to be clever about the design.
    Take a look at Burnley’s kit as a prime example of how to do it….KISS………….Keep It Simple, Stupid

  6. well someone has to do it so it might as well be me, i like it.

    I like that we are not a boring one color club, and for those of you who point to history and tradition, we have had white for decades you muppets!

    we even had a german color third kit once!

    I also love the collar, its much better and looks more stylish. It is like the kit we had when we went down last time though, we’re looking good to survive though. kro

  7. Not too keen either but it’s probably better than the Penguin kits in the day and age of Sponsor logos being plastered across. Last year’s was simple and nice.

    I also don’t understand why home and away are different designs in the same year: the best look is to have one design for a season and change the colours for home and away (notice how the top clubs usually do this). I like what Liverpool do every year with their kits, can’t we just do that but in blue. Simple and nice and one design for a season.

  8. We’ll all come to love it when we batter the scum in it. I always prefer the keepers shirts to be honest

  9. Total and utter garbage.i wud’nt pay £10 for it let alone £35! It looks like a Carlisle or Rochdale kit not a premier league shirt…..same old from the board! Worse than the triton showers influence shirt with green and yellow paint splashes and the tesco bag top!

  10. The new kit with the white area is not good at all. My son says it looks like a tesco bag. who designs our kits? the away one is very boring as well. the best one was the blue with the black down the sides.

  11. Forget the kit i think i saw Bradley Wright Phillips seen leaving training ground 8am this morning in a Bentley.

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