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Thank God they lost…

There you have it…Manchester United are the Carling Cup champions (with thanks to Apple), and Spurs have lost out. Thank the lord. Yes, you heard me. Thank the lord that Manchester United won the Carling Cup trophy. Thank the lord that Apple makes iPods which allows you to play videos on them. Thank the lord that Spurs lost…because if they did, Spurs would have to be put the monotonous task of yet another UEFA Cup season…and we know how much Harry hates them!

Instead, the extra UEFA Cup place that United would have received, will go to the team who finish 6th in the League this season…and here’s to hoping that whoever takes up the slot will treat the cup with the respect it deserves.

Simply the best

The best ever? Maybe.

The Carling Cup win has brought Sir Alex Ferguson the 32nd trophy of his career as Manchester United manager, and surely this will raise questions about whether he is the best manager ever. While he may not be as charismatic as Brian Clough, or as good a manager of youth as Arsene Wenger, but there is no-one quite like Sir Alex.
Rio Ferdinand recently admitted the current players are still afraid of his hairdryer treatment, showing the standing that this man still has in the modern day footballing world.

While most managers would give anything to make one great side, Sir Alex can lay claim to having made 4, with the 5th on the way with the likes of Foster, the Da Silva twins, Gibson and Welbeck. While some can argue that he has attained such success due to the funds available, I must point out that each of his great sides was supported by a British, and a local backbone. While the United academy is famous for having such a wide ranging net, gathering the best talent from all over the world, some of the best young players have come from closer to home. The Neville brothers, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham provided the United manager with his very own Golden Generation upon which to build the team of the future.

Then there are the mind games. There is no-one quite like Sir Alex when it comes to mind games with other top managers. I’m sure that everyone remembers Kevin Keegan’s rant in the 1995/1996 season when it looked as if Newcastle were going to run away with the Premier League title. Never has a manager appeared to be so mentally and physically broken as King Kev was…and Manchester United duly went on to steal the trophy with victory against Middelsbrough.

And then there is pure longevity. In his time as Manchester United manager, Sir Alex has seen off an astounding 923 other Football League managers, in the space of just under 23 years.

Is there a manager better than Fergie? I’d say not. Will we ever see one more successful? I would bet against it.
There is only one Sir Alex.

And for my next trick 

They don’t have that cutting edge they once had with the likes of Thierry Henry, or since then, Emmanuel Adebayor and Cesc Fabregas. With them not playing, you feel like you’ve got that bit more of a chance.”  Danny Murphy, Fulham midfielder

It’s official. The fear factor involved surrounding playing Arsenal has well and truly been shattered. Nowadays, teams are going to the Emirates safe in the knowledge that anything is possible. Be they Hull or Liverpool, teams have gone to the Emirates with the intention of taking something from the game, and many have been successful.

Fulham went to the Emirates, not only to defend, but to attack. Sure, they were under pressure for most of the game, but they went to the home of Arsenal, supposedly one of the ‘big 4’, and played two strikers – something that would have been unheard of in the Henry and Vieira era.

You would expect the Arsenal of old to go on and wipe the floor with their opponents, playing some silky football along the way…but this didn’t happen.

A goalless draw later and pressure seems to be mounting on Gunners boss Wenger to sort out the problems facing his side. And here is his next task.

Wenger has already said that his ‘kids’ are good enough to match any side on their day…but this is the Premier League. The season is not decided by a single game…it is decided over 38.

Wenger has to take these kids, and turn them into men. He has to take this side, overcome the obstacles ahead of them, and allow them to fulfil their undoubted potential.
Over to you Arsene…

Losing the plot? 

Is it me, or have there been more errors courtesy of referees in the top divisions of English football this season than there have been for a long time?

At a time when a referee’s decision can hold such a great significance that a manager’s job can rest on it, there have been countless errors from the men in black this season.

Take the Blues game for instance…The linesman misses an offside for the first goal, and the referee gives a penalty for god knows what (Jaidi must have looked at him the wrong way), and all of a sudden a side loses another game in the quest for promotion.

The effect of those two decisions? Numerous Bluenoses have now lost all hope in the management team, and who knows where this could leave the club.

Apparently the referee felt the need to go into the Blues changing room after the game to try to explain his decision, but did that bring any comfort to a team and their manager who had lost out. Not a chance in hell.
It’s about time that officials realise the effect that they can have on the careers of managers and players across the land.

There are stories that there could be a fourth assistant at football games helping out the referee, but will it make such a difference? I mean, the ref had a perfect view of the incident at Bramhall Lane, yet he still, against all odds, pointed to the spot.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time to look at video technology…how long can careers be made or destroyed on the basis of a decision of one man?

He’s at it again

Sepp Blatter just doesn’t learn.
After such simply fantastic ideas ranging from women wearing smaller skirts and the crackdown on those awful celebrations which express emotion, the President of FIFA is at it again.

The Scottish FA has claimed that Blatter has told them that a British Olympic side would be a potential risk to the independence of the Home Nations.

Ludicrous. Simply ludicrous.

Is it me, or does this guy hate the UK?
And this guy controls our game? Forget SOS…SOG…Save Our Game from that nutcase.

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