Post Play Off Brief Post Match Thoughts

I’m gutted. Why couldn’t we play like we did for 30 minutes in the 2nd half, all the way through?

Blackpool came with a positive formation, and credit to Holloway for that – but other than the 2 goals, they didn’t trouble Doyle. Unfortunately Doyle didn’t cope with the two opportunities they did have and that ultimately cost us the tie.

Still, thanks boys for an entertaining season with goals and decent football. If we can keep CH for next season and most of this side, I fancy our chances of going up next season.

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  1. Just got back in!..Gutted,simply gutted…fantastic rally but all a bit too late.Great atmosphere created by the fans when we finally got going but it sadly was not to be. Im praying CH stays on.KRO

  2. hey kev hows chumpionship footy ??
    such a shame ayy i cant wait for work to slugg it to them blunose balends lmfao
    we all like to be beside the seaside
    oooooooooooooooohhhhhh weeee do like to beee beside theee seaaaa
    anotha year ay tut tut and u lot fink ur near avfc lmfao
    agent c davies job well done …. bonus is on its way hahahahahahaahah shhiittttttttttttttt oooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn ttttttthhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee cccccccciiiiiittttttttttyyyyyyyy
    welll done blackpool excelllent shit on the city….. the city is blackpools hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha uuu scum always in our shadow since 1874 AVFC

  3. ooooohhhh so quiet shhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahalalallalalalal

  4. Well, well all the Villa fans popping out of the woodwork. I bet you are in shock after that, goals, attacking footy and drama. Enjoy your next season…Hope you have got some more bedsheets…

  5. It’s funny eh Ian. They’ve been quiet ALL season until now. Funny that.

    Out of the two sides, I know which season I’ve preferred – regardless of it being in the Championship.

  6. WongaarmyAV – what a loser! Can’t even string a sentence together! Typical in-bred viler I suppose. How many goals did they score this season?? Someone remind me…

  7. awwwwww guys go and cry to tom rosss soo funnny hahah u and ur money launderin owner hahahaah hopefully ull be in a worser position than rangers soon i can see it
    i love it !!!!!!!!! shit on the city hahahahaha

  8. Why would I cry? This season has been great fun. We’ve played some terrific football, scored loads of goals, won games from the dead, had a trip in Europe – I’ve really enjoyed it.

    You are really wasting your time posting here.

  9. As far as me being a sore loser – I’ve said several times, (although I accept it may take you several times to understand), that I’ve enjoyed this season. Am I happy we got beat? No of course not – doesn’t make me a sore loser. To be honest, every time you post on here you make yourself look stupid.

    As far as ME being a loser. I guess it depends how you measure that. I’ve been married for 24 years, run my own business, got 4 kids, I’m a local Councillor and involved in helping to run a couple of charities. If that makes me a loser – fair enough, not going to lose any sleep over it.


  10. I’ve never looked on this blog before but cannot believe how childish the comments mention of the football,simply a matter of exchanging moronic insults between av and blues fans.why can’t there be some informative banter?like what is the situation with Carson Yeung?is there any chance he will/can sell?Do we just wait and let the whole thing implode and why do the fans not protest in any way?I’m not saying we should take the Blackburn approach but surely we can’t just bury our heads in the sand and think all will be ok?

  11. Hi Jane. Thanks for popping over. The only childish comments are from a couple of villa fans. If you think the ones you can see are bad, you should have seen the ones that I had to delete.

    I genuinely don’t mind banter, but when personal comments are being made – I draw the line.

    As far as CY. Basically we are no further forward from what I can gather. he’s due in court later this year, but even then it could be delayed again so who knows.

  12. a sad ending to a great season..and we fell 2 games short ..great display in europe against all odds …will CH stay? who knows will the players stay ?probably another fire sale ..loyalty only exists on the terraces .great home record all i can say is thankyou CH. we hope you stay and finish the job …to the owners .”you are no longer welcome “GOODBYE…stronger words should be used but would fall on deaf ears and fall foul of the moderator ,true blue for life even though i live overseas .heres to next season

  13. GOOD MORNIN small heath oh kev cumon u lot slag the villa when it suits u fact is u lot dont like it hahahahaha shit on the city

  14. wongaarmy – We don’t on here my friend, we’re too focused on our own side to be bothered about yours.

    Maurice – absolutely mate. The thing is although it was disappointing to not make it to the final, this has been a terrific season. One I’ve enjoyed more than many of our recent years.

  15. Bollox kid u give it but cant take it hahaha DO U LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE ?

  16. Do You Know what Kev, i am Happy, i thought that i would be really gutted, we have played great football this season, and i am looking forward to next. As always Kev you do a great job, most of these vile supporters cant stand the fact that we are a great team ( not the best ) Regardless of what Division we are in, and deep down they all wish that they had a Band of Brothers like the ones in the dressing room at St Andrews, all you hear them bang on about it the European Cup they won in the 80’s ( I think.. i dont pay too much attention to them ) but i have news for them, most teams have Won it more than once since then, and you dont hear them bang on about it, its just jeallousy, there all big hard girls behind their laptops 🙂 but any hoo Keep up the sterling work Kev and KEEP RIGHT ON all you Blue noses. by the way speculation in the star today, Apparently Mr Pannu said there is a buyer lined up in Hong Kong.

  17. Heard you guys singing shit on the villa last night lol. its pretty hard to shit on someone when your bellow them

    You can have AM back if you want

  18. no, on a serious note, what happens now with your financial problems ??

    I know you have money problems but will not going up affect it even more now ??

    Im being, serious, i wouldn’t want the blues to go into administration. you cant beat a good old derby ( when you win anyway )

  19. You spell it “below.”

    That song was being sung last night – but you lot sing your songs too, that’s part of football. (I personally prefer to sing songs about my own team – but that’s my personal opinion).

    As far as AM. Why would we want him back? He’s doing a terrific job across the City. He successfully kept you up. A fantastic achievement. 🙂

    Finances, no one knows mate. We’ll find out soon but I personally think it isn’t as bad as some are saying. Time will tell.

    Hopefully we can have one of those derbies soon! 🙂

  20. Well the simple answer to the question of “why can’t we play like………..” is that we’re just not good enough. We have had too many pratfalls against teams that we should be beating if we were indeed ready for prime time; we’re not. I hate to say it but it’s true. Just as well we’re not going up cos I truly think that we would be the “Wolves or Blackburn” of next year’s campaign. Got to get the business end of it sorted before we can have any hope of achieving bigger things and that I’m afraid none of us have any control over that.

  21. Well I for one am very proud of my team. After 62 games we just ran out of steam. We are not ready for the Premier League at this juncture and another year where we are is no great problem. I’ve had a lot of fun this season and look forward to just as much enjoyment next season. Blues will be back but when we are we will be ready and properly prepared. KRO SOTV 😀

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