Recent Poll Regarding Loan Players

February 24, 2009 0

Recently I set the question: Is getting the mature loan players we are getting a good thing or a bad thing for the long term future of the club, thinking about where the club is NOW in regard to financially, league and personnel? The two answers were: Answer 1: Yes Read More



February 19, 2009 0

We would like to start including a memory category. Basically we would like you to send us your experiences of following the Blues. Tell us any funny stories, memorable matches, meeting the players etc. Don’t worry about how many throw ins we won etc., this is about your experience. The Read More


What’s the point?

February 10, 2009 3

An article today from a new contributor, akvbcfc. Here he looks at the Premier League. ——————————————————————————— It’s the same all over the land. Whoever you are, whoever you support, your aim is the same – to reach the ‘Promised Land’. But is it really worth it? Fans demand that their Read More


Alex McLeish Poll

February 8, 2009 0

There are mutterings and murmerings ‘a-plenty’ from Blues fans. Have your say in the poll, you have a week to vote. Kev Edit: So far the “No” vote is ahead. If you haven’t voted, please do. The Poll will run until Sunday evening. Kev

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