What’s it Like Being a Blues Fan?

So we might results may not be what we’d hoped for in the Championship this season, although we are in a better position than previous seasons – but it got me thinking what makes a Blues fan?

One thing’s for sure, you don’t follow Blues for the glory! Recent successes in the Premier League and at Wembley are now getting on for 10 years ago. I feel sorry for those youngsters who started supporting the club in that time – not actually realising what reality is with our club. Actually my eldest son is one of those. His first match was a 2-1 over Blackburn in the Premier League, the one Heskey scored a blinder to win it after we’d gone 1-0 down. We subsequently saw home wins, away wins and we went to Wembley together. He studied in Coventry after that, and watched many games – of course we know things went downhill from there. However he’s still a fan – why’s that? I mean why do we put ourselves through it?

I guess this next statement probably applies to any club and any fan, but my context is Blues, you must have a passion for the club. The club just gets under your skin! This happens especially after those great days where we win after being behind, yes those games, the ones that lull us into a false security of promotion hopes only to be dashed by a hammering the following week.

It’s a bit like an addiction I suppose. Now I’m not making light of that, I understand addictions can be a real issue – but hopefully you understand my point. We can’t help ourselves. Despite a rubbish performance / game / result etc., the following week we hope for better – they say it’s the hope that kills you! It’s summed up by the phrase, “yeah that’s right I’m a Birmingham City fan – I’ve followed them through thin and thin!

Clearly finance is key. Whether you live locally to the club or further away like I do, (in Devon). There is a financial implication. Match tickets, travel to and from the ground, maybe a couple of pints and a pie – see Bazza’s reports for a fuller description of culinary delights! All this adds up. Blues do give opportunities to bet on from time to time. In fact, a lot of players prefer to use no deposit casinos to set wagers or play casino games as they allow you to indulge in making money without investing much. If you win, that can help fund the regular trips following the club.

Still following the money theme. When you look around the ground, there is the collective identity of the team colours. Whether that’s a shirt, scarf, hat or whatever. The colours are part of the identity. Personally I never ever where baby blue and pink – ever! I’ll let you work out why. Of course buying the merchandise, brings revenue to the club and I suppose that solidifies the relationship and that sense of ownership, but also you stand out as a fan.

Of course if you know about the city, that helps – although not a pre-requisite, understanding the heritage of the club as the only one bearing the city’s name, is part of being a Blues fan. Brum is a genuinely multicultural destination, there is a lot to do in the city with great food, attractions, and cultural events throughout the year.

Of course there’s nothing like going to games, and the one thing that I think defines us as Blues fans, is our self-deprecation. As fans we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and always willing to have a joke at our own expense. To be honest this follows years of underachievement, the nearly events, the proper rubbish players, lack of investment at times and a whole pile of other things. YET DESPITE THIS, Blues fans can have a laugh. You could also install the mobile casino of this site which offers impressive cashback bonuses and free spins to all its customers.

I have experienced some brilliant humour on the terraces and I’m certain that it’s this characteristic that keeps us going as Blues fans. None more so than in away games. Our away support is incredible, games like away at Bolton and away in Europe – amazing. Again always willing to have a laugh. Despite all the rubbish that goes on, despite the odd moan, don’t actually give up and never EVER buy bedsheets to use as a protest!

Which brings me to my final point. Our song. Forget Merseyside songs, our Anthem of Keep Right On IS the best club song of all. I first heard KRO, at my first game at St Andrews a 4-0 win over Man City in the mid 70’s. When the Kop and Tilton started singing, man – a tingle went down my spine. That was it, I was hooked. The lyrics really do sum up being a Blues fan. Persevering despite the challenges and the difficulties, when belted out – there really is no other football anthem like it. I just wish we’d sing it a bit slower than the way it is sung at the moment – but nonetheless, It is certainly light years ahead of singing about floating in the sky!

As you go through life it’s a long long road, there’ll be Joys and Sorrows too
As we journey on, we will sing this song for the boys in royal blue
We’re often partisan, we will journey on
Keep right on to the end of the road, keep right on to the end.
Though the way be long, let your heart beat strong, keep right on to the end.
Though you’re tired and weary, still journey on, ‘til you come to your happy abode
Where all the love you’ve been dreaming of, will be there
At the end of the road.

I love Blues!

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