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No one like to lose a match, and passions can be high when it happens. However what happened at Elland Road on Saturday by a small section of our fans was disgraceful. Sorry I need to make a correction there, these idiots aren’t “fans.”

At no time EVER is causing trouble acceptable. The football powers are quite rightly on heightened alert after recent events in Bulgaria and then in the FA Cup on Saturday, so good one guys – you have pushed the club back into the cross wires again.

This behaviour is bad enough, but I have also discovered, thanks to the following statement from AccessiBlues, that a number of these idiots also pushed aside our own fans, fans with a variety of disabilities.

The statement from AccessiBlues:

”If our supporters were getting in the way to protect us vulnerable fans, this would be a very different post. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case yesterday……..

The block that OUR supporters stormed through yesterday was full of #disabled supporters, both #ambulant and #wheelchair users. Some of us even had our #kids/#grandkids with us.

Not one of those who ran through cared who “got in the way”. I witnessed fans jumping over the wall, landing on wheelchair users. Pushing ambulant fans and kids out of the way as their only fixation was to get to the @LUFC fans and puff their chests out.

Not one apology from a single fan or a question of “are you ok?” was given to any one of us. Nobody even noticed, as far as it seemed, that we are CLEARLY disabled. Especially those of us who are in wheelchairs or using mobility aids.

I’m not disgusted by those fans involved, I’m more disappointed if I’m honest. Lack of education and respect for fellow fans is missing at our amazing club by some.

Maybe, just maybe this post will help people realise what they did yesterday and help them consider things in a different way. Whilst we luckily only had minor injuries yesterday, some will have emotional scars for a very long time.

#BluesFamily #KRO


This is totally unacceptable. I hope the people how did this are identified and banned, I have no time or excuse for them. I genuinely thought we were making progress in this area.


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2 Comments on Leeds Match Aftermath / AccessiBlues

  1. Sadly, having supported Blues since the 1960s I have finally come to accept the fact that we have a large minority of fans who are just scumbags. I have no doubt that they are scumbags in their private lives too and that their behaviour is in no way linked to BCFC, they just choose our club’s matches as a location where they can prove what low lives they are. Hitting opposition players, attacking female stewards, well any stewards if it comes to that, causing problems for their own disabled supporters, just what level of repulsiveness do they normally inhabit?
    I can only hope they are all banned from Blues matches, even better every football match for life and that they spend Saturdays under the slimy rocks they usually inhabit

  2. Having worked within the judicial system the hooligans that pretend to be fans are simply thugs who court trouble. Most of so called fans when arrested cannot even write down two players who they pretend to support. They are simply non footballing people.

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